Thursday, May 1, 2014

Darby 1/52

Just like we have done for her brother we will create a post a week to track Darby's growth and milestones throughout the year. We will also take monthly photos of her so we can chronicle how she changes. With Ewan we regretted not taking a photo when he first came home so we were sure to do so for Darby, which is this week's photo. In her monthly photos we will use Darby's bunny Bonnie as a size comparison, her brother built her this bunny to welcome her home!

Darby's first week was a great one. After one night in the hospital we elected to come home so we could get things started as a family of 4. Ewan and Daddy picked Darby and Mama up from the hospital, and we arrived home together ready to adjust to our new normal. In her first week Darby was more awake everyday, she lost only 3 ounces and started gaining quickly, she met her pediatrician Dr Fong, and she lost her belly button stub. She only seems to get angry when she is hungry, very much like her Daddy and Ewan, and she is enjoying cushy sleep mostly in Mama's arms.  

Darby Moira - Newborn

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