Thursday, December 28, 2017

Darby 36/52 v4

Darby dreamed of an(other) Ariel doll and Santa delivered! She loved making, and eating, his cookies... and she hopes that he took one home for Mrs. Claus who delivered Star Wars treats while we went on our traditional Christmas light wander - she must have arrived before the smoke detector went off because our fire went wonky (no damage done). Santa was also very pragmatic in putting a ream of paper in Darby's stocking, which will surely keep her coloring well into 2018!

52 : 43 (part 6)

Christmas 2017 couldn't simply be Christmas for Ewan... he lost his front tooth on Christmas Eve, dropped it down the drain, and then cheered his favorite plumber (Dad) on as he rescued the tooth for the Tooth Fairy. Around the chaos there was still time for our annual Christmas light walk, jammies from Mrs. Claus (Chewie union suits), lots of cookies, and then sleep so the big guy could deliver the microscope and specimen slides that Ewan has been dreaming about.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Darby 35/52 v4

Ewan learning to read is a family favorite right now... and while it is really just narrating pictures today Darby loves to listen to his storytelling!

52 : 42 (part 6)

4th graders seem very big to Kindergartners and Ewan loves the activities he does with his buddy. This week they made gingerbread houses and Mama volunteered to help. Mrs. Radsliff told the Mom's that she loves to watch for the kid that realizes they can fill the entire house with candy... not a K2'er figured it out!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

52 : 41 (part 6)

You can't be a member of our family without loving Home Alone... and watching it many times a year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year Ewan fully embraced the Home Alone love with the movie, the book, and his own booby trap maps.

Darby 34/52 v4

Such a fancy lady having an afternoon at the salon with her favorite stylist. Darby's trims are always a debate, she wants purple hair and I don't want to lose those curls.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Darby 33/52 v4

While she looks shy she was anything but - Darby walked right up to Santa and climbed in to his lap. She quickly explained that she would like the Ariel doll with the tail that pops off, never-mind it will be her fourth Ariel doll, and legos like her brother.  

52 : 40 (part 6)

All he wants for Christmas is his front tooth! Ewan lost a top front tooth at school, and just in time to meet Santa that evening, who he told he wants a microscope and some legos.