Thursday, January 28, 2016

Darby 40/52 v2

Darby at 21 months requires sleep, patience, and coffee/wine... For us, not her.

Big notes on her today -
  • Used the potty for the first time last weekend
  • Wanders the house yelling "Daddy, where are you?" in the cutest little voice
  • Is the star of her classroom and seems to really be thriving in the school environment
  • Can both adore and loathe her brother in the same second
  • Thinks she is 5, but seems to be listening to the limits we set a bit more
  • Will only allow her daddy to rock her to sleep... even if her mama is sitting right there in the rocker
  • Requests light saber battles daily
  • Doesn't have a favorite food, her preferences change everyday, but a nice cold glass of whole milk is always well received
Just 3 more months until Darby is 2, which we are guessing will be really fun (sense some sarcasm, and a bunch of sincerity).

Darby Moira - 1 Year 9 Months

52 : 47 (part 4)

At school Ewan traces or writes his name every morning when he arrives. How many they trace or write depends on how they are doing with the task. After the holidays Ewan came back to largely just writing his name, one day of tracing, and this last week they added his last name. We are obviously proud, and so is Ewan.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Darby 39/52 v2

This past weekend we made our way to LA to celebrate the life of Darby's great uncle Dennis, a man that could make anyone feel welcome and loved. To burn off energy before the service/reception we went to the LA Zoo and Darby was really into the animals. She was spotting them all, near and far, and squealing with excitement. The elephants definitely solicited the biggest response this trip!

52 : 46 (part 4)

This past weekend we made our way to LA to celebrate the life of Ewan's great uncle Dennis, a man that could make anyone feel welcome and loved. To shake our legs out after a 6 hour drive we stopped at daddy's alma mater, UCLA, and we found out we may have a future bruin on our hands.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Darby 38/52 v2

One day this girl will eat an entire hot dog, but no bun. The next day she will devour the bun and not even consider the hot dog. So is the fickle nature of a 1.5 year old. This last weekend we celebrated Auntie Marianne's birthday over tepenaki and sushi, and for a second we thought we might have a sushi eater on our hands... and then she abandoned her roll and would no longer look at it!

52 : 45 (part 4)

As a big almost 4 year old Ewan likes to tell us how not tired he is through big yawns and eye rubs. We are very happy to have a big almost 4 year old that still naps daily...and even when he trys to resist 5 minutes in the car will do it every time!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

52 : 44 (part 4)

This picture was technically taken last week, but since Ewan keeps on talking about it I have decided that it is worth commemorating in this week's post. Ewan has been pretty Star Wars addicted since his Daddy showed him all 6 films when Mama was away on a long business trip last Spring. His favorite character is by far Darth Vader and he is pretty amazing at identifying many of the characters. One of our favorite Star Wars memories of late was when he started singing, "you're a mean one Boba Fett" to the tune of the Grinch song. Shockingly I think this memory was usurped by a conversation we had while enjoying Episode 7. Part way in to the movie I turned to Kevin and said, "is that an AT-AT?" To which Ewan piped in with an exacerbated (due to my ignorance) "Yes, it is Mama!"

Darby 37/52 v2

Horns? Pigtails? Depends on the minute with this girl who is getting more and more skilled at getting her way, and seems to have a keen eye on ensuring that things with her brother are balanced... meaning if he gets something she does too, whether it be a "cup" (drink) or a hug.