Thursday, February 28, 2019

52 : 50 (part 7)

In Cub Scouts we had a Pinewood Derby. My car was the #7 cheetah, I made it with my Dad. I won 4th place and my car will go to the District Championship. Some times I wish I won third, second, or first because they got trophies... maybe next year.

Darby 44/52 v5

Girl's Night! This week we went out to dinner with our friends Christina and Ellie. After a lovely dinner of Mac and Cheese we went for ice cream. Darby of course picked the brightest color ice cream and added her favorite sour worms. It was cold and rainy out, but of course the girls couldn't pass up a scoop.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

52 : 49 (part 7)

My Mom came in one day this week for Art in Action time. We did clay animals, I did a cheetah eating a bird. I love every time my Mom comes for Art in Action so I can see her during the day.

Darby 43/52 v5

Darby's preschool decided that President's Day should be a 4-day weekend so she got a special day at work with Daddy. Darby loves going to work with Daddy, his office has her favorite chocolate covered almonds and she got to go on a lunch date for Mac and Cheese. The office also means iPad time... Uni (the Unicorn) and Gertrude (the Giraffe) watched out for her when Daddy had to go to meetings.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

52 : 48 (part 7)

This year I did Minecraft themed Valentine's cards. I gave them out my class party. My Dad volunteered at the party, he hosted the bingo table.

Darby 42/52 v5

Darby naturally picked unicorns and rainbows for her Valentines. She did a great job of writing her name and all of her classmates, and Mama did the cutting and Skittles attaching!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

52 : 47 (part 7)

This weekend we went to Drag Queen Story Hour at the San Mateo Library. I loved all of the books that were read. We also did some dancing.

Darby 41/52 v5

Mama bought Darby this shirt when she was a newborn, it says "Be Your Own Hero". Mama loved to see Darby wearing it and asked for a picture so Darby grabbed the footstool and posed! Dance has really brought out Darby's love of performing.