Thursday, May 15, 2014

52 : 10 (part 3)

Ewan's 26th month was a big one --- he became a big brother, grew out of all of his shoes (he is now a size 10), and he growls... yup, growling may be his new favorite thing to do. Now to be fair growling has been in Ewan's repertoire for awhile, he does all the animal noises and can name most of the animals, but he has added stints of growling to conversation. Typically the growling is part of discussions about things he doesn't want to do, but it seems well intentioned and he usually starts to laugh mid growl. Ewan is also very in tune with emotions and feelings so he now narrates situations with emotional call outs: sad, happy, mean, scary, etc. Ewan has always been empathetic, but it is fun to watch him explain what is happening and then try to help. A common phrase in our house these days is "baby mad" which he says when sister Darby cries, he then puts her pacifier on her chest and goes about his toddler business.

EP's Official 26 Month Photo

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