Thursday, February 25, 2016

Darby 44/52 v2

This little lady is 22 months old! She is insanely in love with a song called baby shark, her daddy, her papi (pacifier), cheese and crackers, and Chewbaca. She communicates more and more everyday, and impresses all hear teachers and even the parents of her classmates (with one mom asking why her toddler couldn't be like our DeeDee). We of course are her biggest fans and are starting to plan a party for her big TWO!!

Darby Moira - 1 Year 10 Months

52 : 51 (part 4)

Last week we had to say goodbye to our Barley. She was our first baby and the third resident of our home, and for the first four years of Ewan's life she was his buddy. We took a day to calm ourselves down and then we told Ewan. We worried about telling him because he feels all the feelings. As we expected he was crushed and asked a lot of questions. Since we shared the news he has been pretty attached to his Barley and Coco stuffies and probably reflexively looks for her like we do.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Darby 43/52 v2

For Valentine's Day we went on a family date and Ewan and Darby were very happy to strut in their gifts - new shirts and shoes. We went out to see Kung Fu Panda 3 and enjoyed some afternoon pizza. Darby didn't quite make it through the movie, but she loved looking at the movie posters and eating all the popcorn.

52 : 50 (part 4)

This week Ewan's class celebrated Valentine's Day with crazy hair and treats. We made lightsabers out of Pixy Stix for each kid... we are sure their parents' appreciated the orange scented sugar highs.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Darby 42/52 v2

Mama had to travel to Boston this week and she very much enjoyed ending her days with Google Hangout dates with Darby who yelled to mama and tried to kiss her through the screen.

52 : 49 (part 4)

Mama and Daddy returned from a long weekend away with expectations of a quiet dinner and baths for the babies, at this point they know better than to have expectations, but this was a good reminder.

All seemed to be going well until Ewan was getting lotioned by Daddy, and tried to run to Mama, and dislocated his elbow. Mama and Daddy were in denial that this was even possible for our strong boy, but little did we know that at this age tendons are longer than bones and this is really common. After a quick trip to urgent care, with nice nurses who offered crackers, Ewan was all fixed up by a quick moving Doctor. No real downside except for the fact that he now thinks doctors can always fix him so he is verging on fearless!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Darby 41/52 v2

Darby thinks she is as big and strong as her brother and this last weekend she took over Ewan's friend's 4th birthday party and proved she has no trouble keeping up with the big kids!

52 : 48 (part 4)

For Christmas Ewan's Grampy got him a wagon that he promptly named "Wagon the Dragon". He loves taking Dragon to the park and on neighborhood adventures with his baby.