Thursday, April 25, 2013

52 : 7 (part 2)

What a week --- we currently have 3 different antibiotic treatments going, and 3 identical bottles of pink-eye drops. The double ear infection with bacterial pink eye that took Ewan down last week got Kevin and I too, and after a Sunday in urgent care for the adults (and a letter for me not to go to work for 2 days --- right?!) we truly realized the magnitude of typhoid Ewan (aka typhoid daycare). On the upside everyone is getting better and a recent study showed that daycare babies grow up to be healthier adults, so all these germs we pass around will have a benefit.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

52 : 6 (part 2)

Writing this post from a plane en route to Chicago and only a letter feels appropriate.



Your 11th tooth, your top right molar, is coming in and causing you some grief. Even though I know this pain is transitory it was so hard to watch you leave with Daddy for school today, I am off on another business trip, the second in as many weeks. I want you to be happy and comfortable and your loving self --- I am counting the hours until I am home again.

A couple weeks back I got a promotion at work, a pretty big deal for me and my career, and my first thought was that you and Daddy would be so proud. I truly enjoy my job and my colleagues and it means so much to me to set this example for you --- the pride felt for a hard days work, the honor of being rewarded for a job well done, and the sense of accomplishment that is all mine. I know you will do amazing things and all I can hope is that they fulfill you and make you happy.

Daddy keeps me in the loop while I am away, texting lots of pictures and updates, they make me ache, but not seeing your face is unbearable. Last week when you and Daddy picked me up from the airport I popped my head in to the backseat to say "hello" before I took my seat in the front, and then you cried for the next 20-minutes until you could see my face again --- I feel the same way bud. And while I am away I comfort myself with daydreams of our next adventure, like the one we took to Napa this past weekend, seen in this week's picture.

Love & Knuckles,

Thursday, April 11, 2013

52 : 5 (part 2)

13 months old! Ewan has been doing lots of eating, sleeping, and growing. He is still a little love and hugs and kisses everyone and everything, including his pirate bath toy and his doggy Barley. He greets the babies at school with hugs and kisses the air when big kids pass by too quickly for a snuggle.

I am doing some work travel now and have to admit the entire time I am gone I dream of getting home to my boys, and I ache to cuddle with Ewan and smell his warm baby scent. Cuddling is harder as his limbs get longer, but he manipulates his little body in to the perfect lump, putting his head on my shoulder and balling his little legs up against my belly.

Our 13 month old Ewan boy fits comfortably in 2 year old clothes and is in need of some bigger socks!

EP's 13 Month Photo

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Being adventurous

Instead of stuff we want Ewan to have experiences and adventures. For his birthday we got him a membership to the new exploratorium in San Francisco. It opens this month and as charter members we got a special preview.

We had an amazing day --- we started with brunch at the Ferry Building and wandered up to Pier 15 for the preview. Ewan enjoyed exploring the museum and we look forward to many future visits, being just a few minutes (on foot) from my office we expect the late Wednesday night hours to be a common haunt for us this year!

The Exploratorium at Pier 15

Ewan on a tiny chair!

Ewan on a HUGE chair!


So much exploring is exhausting

Thursday, April 4, 2013

52 : 4 (part 2)

We are not big Easter people, last year we took pictures of Ewan in the grass with plastic eggs, it was his 1 month birthday so we thought we should do something.

This year we tried a little harder, I stress a little! We had lovely French toast at home, dyed eggs, napped, hunted eggs, and had ham. All in all Ewan had fun, but I think the Cadbury Cream Egg we shared was the highlight for him.