Thursday, August 30, 2012

52 : 25

This week Ewan's school has readiness days, basically three inservice days that they take each year to snaz up the school, have training, and prepare for the next year. We knew these days were coming and since I just went back to work and am very busy with 6 events in the next 3 months K took on Ewan's care and has been keeping me updated on their days with hilarious pictures.

Ewan is increasingly mobile when placed on the floor and even more so in his walker. Barley and Coco are pretty curious why we gave him wheels! When in his walker he reaches for everything around him, starting the baby proofing process we have been avoiding. In this week's photo the mobility is evidenced, EP sneaking up on Daddy.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

52 : 24

I am frequently in awe of our little guy. It seems that at least daily Kevin and I look at each other, look at Ewan, and one of us says to the other "we made this."

We are big music fans - our house, our cars, and our cubes at work are always full of tunes, typically iTunes or Spotify blaring from somewhere. Last year while I was pregnant we saw Bon Iver in concert, we have always been big fans, and one song of his has sort of been in my head ever since. The first line brings tears to my eyes ("I am my mother's only one, it's enough") and when listening to it while looking at pictures of my boy, such as this weeks, you know just for example, I pretty much become a teary mess of a mother. As I have said before this boy has made me a blubberer. See Bon Iver sing Flume here, or read the lyrics here.

And the big news this week is that the tooth count is up to 2, the lower left front tooth broke through yesterday (8/22) allowing Ewan much relief and the start of what will soon be an even more irresistible smile.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

52 : 23

This week I am bucking the tradition of this project 52 thing and including a video. I hesitate to do this for a few reasons: A) I don't want to be that annoying person that thinks her kid is the cutest in the whole world, but lets be real he is B) A video won't print in the book of this blog that I intend to print as Ewan's baby book C) Oh wait, I guess just A & B, so all of the above. This week Ewan rejected barley cereal, but man did he love on his sister Barley as seen here... oh and he sprouted his first tooth, the lower right tooth ridge came through on Tuesday (8/14) evening, after a particularly uncomfortable Monday night.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

52 : 22

This week Ewan turned 5 months old --- it was a pretty big month in our house! Ewan started "school", began exploring food, and became mobile.

School has been an exceptionally smooth transition. It was love at first visit. All of the teachers adore Ewan and take such great care of him. They compliment his disposition, his lack of spit up, his joy in playing, his nerdy laugh, and his perfectly round head (which I quickly claimed to be my head shape, and then blushed at how excited I was to know I in turn had the perfectly shaped head). Each day at school they focus on different lessons and a variety of methods for learning. Art projects are completed in the studio, explorer walks are taken around the city in strollers that seat 4, and the kids have time for sensory play.

After 4 straight months of milk, milk, milk Ewan started eating real food! He has tried rice cereal, pears, bananas, butternut squash, and avocados. Bananas are definitely #1 thus far, with butternut squash and pears coming in second, and rice cereal and avocados in third. We have taken to mixing bananas with the other items to ensure consumption, and it is working!

And mobility.... who knew this would happen so quickly, not the mama! In the first 4.5 months of Ewan's life we took full advantage of being able to place him at the center of the bed or on his play mat while we got things done, but this is no longer an option. When your baby travels the distane of your living room simply by rolling from back to belly to back, over and over again, in just a few minutes you know your doomed. And when tummy time quickly evolved from a time of tears to a time of attempted crawling we started to hold our breath a bit in admiration and fear! We love the idea of Ewan walking and running, but it really did make us realize just how quickly this boy of ours is growing.

EP's official 5 month photo - taken August 8th, 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012

52 : 21

Before I had Ewan I hadn't given much thought to baby milestones. I mean I obviously knew they had them, but hadn't considered how exciting they would be for us. When he rolled from his belly to his back I screamed so loud I scared him. Then this last Sunday, July 29th, Ewan rolled from his back on to his belly and I just about died, K had gone out to get breakfast and instead of waiting 5 minutes to share the news I called him! This week's picture was taken soon after that first back to belly roll, such a proud boy.

I was bummed we missed the video oppty so made K sit with the video camera during the next play session, lo and behold 4 minutes in he went from his back to his belly and then to his back and his belly and his back. Once this kid figures something out he just goes with it! We have spent this week adoringly watching him roll from one edge of the living room to other while making his first futile attempts at crawling.