Thursday, July 26, 2018

52 : 20 (part 7)

Mama turned 37 today, Ewan cuddled her at a celebratory dinner and insisted on a selfie.

CAMP UPDATE - Galileo Space Camp occupied Ewan this week. He loved the camp and Mama and Daddy were very impressed by the quality of the activities and the counselors.

Darby 13/52 v5

Summer fun intensifies when a birthday party pops up! Darby attended her friend Aria's party this weekend at Rockin' Jump and while she was one of the smaller kids she did not let that stop her from attempting the rock climbing wall - rosy cheeks, sticky socks, can't lose.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

52 : 19 (part 7)

Ewan is enjoying his summer and seems to be growing like a weed - eating all the food and all legs and knees these days.

CAMP UPDATE - Rec Center camp was "Space Jam" themed this week and Ewan was SHOCKED to hear that K and I had seen the movie. The filed trip was to Rockin' Jump, which is always a hit and is now the desired birthday party location (sure to change hundreds of times before the planning actually starts).

Darby 12/52 v5

Earlier this month Darby, Ewan and Mama snuck away to Davis on the Amtrak Capitol Corridor route, Darby enjoyed the view and the iPad time on the train. In Davis we wandered the campus, played in the hotel pool, and enjoyed Woodstock's pizza - Darby's favorite was the cinnamon and sugar "treat pizza!"

Thursday, July 12, 2018

52 : 18 (part 7)

We may regret it one day, but we often allow Ewan to see movies that are a bit above the 6 year old set... a nice way of saying completely inappropriate. This weekend we took Ewan and Darby to see Ant-Man and the Wasp. Ewan loves Ant-Man and currently plans to be him for Halloween.

CAMP UPDATE - Safari Run camp this week, the theme was Fur, Scales, and Tails. Ewan definitely got his exercise in and is covered with bruises and burns from all the slides.

Darby 11/52 v5

This week Darby started her journey as a Ladybug at her new preschool. Since we took our first tour we knew that this school would be a great place for Darby in her 4/5 year, the staff and curriculum are great and we all felt at home immediately. We can't wait to see all that Darby learns as a Ladybug, hard to believe next year is Kindergarten!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

52 : 17 (part 7)

4th of July is a fun holiday in our new neighborhood, which has an awesome fireworks event on the 3rd. The holiday was definitely a highlight but the real fun was a trip we took to Davis. Ewan, Darby, and Mama took the train up and spent 2 days wandering the town. The kids wanted somewhere hot with a pool and Ewan may have found his future alma mater - UC Davis Class of 2034.

CAMP UPDATE - No camp this week, just 9 days straight with Mama and Darby!

Darby 10/52 v5

Darby had her first dance recital this week. Her class performed to "It's a Hard-Knock Life" from the musical Annie. Our girl did a great job, enjoyed the stage time, appreciated the flowers, and had a special guest in the audience - her Grampie.