Thursday, June 30, 2016

Darby 10/52 v3

Is it just us or is this lady looking bigger and bigger? and older and older? She is seemingly less in to her diapers, but has no real commitment to the potty. She is increasingly independent, defending herself and protecting her friends... and if her brother interrupts her when she is speaking she tells him to stop with a quick palm in the air and a "stop it brudder." Her shift in to the 2/3 class last week came at a great time, she was very ready for her next challenge at school!

Darby Moira - 2 Years 2 Months

52 : 17 (part 5)

This week Mama was in Indonesia and Australia for work and one morning she woke up to this week's picture. For share day Ewan needed to bring a picture of what he wanted to be when he grew up so he and Daddy got to work in photoshop!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Darby 9/52 v3

This week Darby moved up to 2/3 preschool and she was so ready! It was time for a new challenge, a new environment, and new rituals. Her new class includes more teeth brushing, so she got some new toothpaste, and tricycles, so she got to bring in her polka dot helmet. As always, she transitioned like a champion, with the majority of the emotional distress being that of her old teachers.

52 : 16 (part 5)

For over a year Ewan has been wanting to go with Mama when she gets her toes done, and on the eve of a VERY long business trip (her longest ever) she gave in. Ewan was instantly at home relaxing like a boss. For his toes he got alternating red and blue with a big white star on each big toe. He had so much fun that he is already talking about what color he wants next! 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Darby 8/52 v3

After a swimming lessons hiatus Darby has returned to the water to prepare for summer! She has moved up a class, to water wigglers, and is taking her gear really seriously... suit, goggles, and cap are a must.

52 : 15 (part 5)

This week we went to Genentech's annual concert, and to celebrate the company's 40th birthday there were 4 amazing acts - New Republic, The Killers, Pink, and Justin Timberlake. Ewan enjoyed the music and liked seeing his friends from school in the stands. His only disappoint was that there was no baseball game, which he seemed to expect since we were at AT&T Park... we have now promised him that we will take him to a game this season!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Darby 7/52 v3

Darby is definitely a sassy lady, and recently she has shown that she is a girl that protects other girls, especially her best buddy Sophia! We really hope this new protectiveness sticks around, us ladies gotta stick together DeeDee.

52 : 14 (part 5)

Ewan is already learning the lesson that if you do not vote you can't complain... As he walked with Mama and Daddy to deliver their ballots he also heard rumblings of an international move come November results. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Darby 6/52 v3

For Memorial Day we snuck away to Monterey for a mini-break and had a great time. Darby slept in a big girl bed with her brother, enjoyed the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Pacific Grove's Museum of Natural History, as well as a hotel room picnic that included ice cream. She also started calling her brother "OOOOOOWAN" instead of "bruder", but we quickly got her to revert back because we couldn't handle how big she sounded using her version of his name.

Picnics have become one of our favorite things and in this week's picture Darby is walking of the ton of cheese she just finished at our lunch picnic at Lover's Point!

52 : 13 (part 5)

Since Ewan went to work with Mama last Christmas he has been requesting another visit. The Friday before Memorial Day was sure to be a quiet one so he came along for the ride. The day started on the train, enjoyed movies on his iPad under Mama's desk, gathered supplies for arts and crafts, and wandered the Financial District for lunch. Ewan was also pleasantly surprised that the photo booth on the twelfth floor of Salesforce West was functioning this time around!