Thursday, February 28, 2013

52 : 51

This week I was in NY for work and had this underlying fear that Ewan would walk while I was away. Every night when I spoke with K I asked if he had done it, and was reassured he hadn't. When I arrived home on Wednesday K decided to cut his day in the office short, don't be fooled he worked well in to the night from home, and bring Ewan home so I could spend some quality time with him. Within 90 minutes of my arrival home we were playing and K walked into the room, Ewan turned to him and took his first step! Along with that when playing I noticed his first molar, the top left, had broken through. While Ewan's first teeth were a disaster his 7th and 8th popped through with out us even noticing! Just 1 more week of "baby" in this house.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

52 : 50

Kevin has been away this week, first for work and then for a boy's trip, so for the first time since Ewan was born he woke up and his daddy was not here... his curiosity about where he was could not be satiated by me, so he crawled around the house looking and then scurried up to his puppies saying, "Doggy - Daddy?!" He emphasized Daddy in a way that was obviously a question. Coco looked at him and walked away, and Barley seemed to join the search. We are all looking forward to K's homecoming!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

52 : 49

11 Months! To celebrate the start of Ewan's last baby month he woke up early ready to party. Like I say every month he is more active, more verbal, and more fun! It seems impossible this guy will be a toddler in just 4 weeks. Life is busy, but so so sweet.

Ewan is on the verge of walking, he actually has been for awhile but now that he has been crawling for 4 months he is so quick at it that taking the time to walk seems silly to him. He has added yeah, uh-oh, and doggy to his dictionary and he keeps us entertained with his mimicking. Swimming is still one of his favorite activities, and each week in class we overhear the parents of the 18 month old and the 3 year old say "look at how the baby does it, you can put your ears in the water like him" - and we fist pump! In addition to our fist pumps we also do a lot of clapping, high fives, and waving (bye-bye and hi-hi now).

This month we will go to Tahoe, soak in the last bits of baby, and prepare for the 1st birthday that will end all first birthdays... or at the very least mean a lot to this family!

EP's official 11 month photo - taken February 11th, 2013

Thursday, February 7, 2013

52 : 48

It's been a crazy few weeks. Kevin and I go to work everyday just trying to survive. Ewan goes to school everyday plotting his escapades.

This picture has entertained many this week. After a blowout Ewan's teacher changed his diaper and placed him on the floor to reach for his backup clothes, which he took as an opportunity to crawl over to his favorite lady, put his legs around her, and proceed to tickle her waist. Watch out ladies!