Thursday, November 29, 2018

Darby 31/52 v5

Darby's preschool picture is in... actually she missed picture day while she was in Australia so Mama arranged a shoot at a local studio as the idea of a year without a school picture was not acceptable. Our little ladybug with her preferred hairstyle in her favorite dress.

52 : 38 (part 7)

This week I helped my Dad put the Christmas tree on the car by throwing the rope when he told me to. The tree we picked is almost 8 feet tall and beautiful.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Darby 30/52 v5

Darby is typically good at sharing, but she definitely turns up the charm when her friend has a milkshake and an extra straw. This week was Thanksgiving and Mama & Daddy's 10th wedding anniversary, but Darby's favorite bit was definitely the Five Guys shake and a shopping date with Kaley.

52 : 37 (part 7)

This week we went to see "Ralph Breaks the Internet" with our Auntie. During the movie I got sad so I got to cuddle with my Mom, and soon enough the movie was over - the movie was funny and scary.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Darby 29/52 v5

We had never heard Darby say "Owen" until we were in Australia/New Zealand and she was all of a sudden fixated on the time at home and what that likely meant Owen was up to. A few short weeks later we got to meet the boy, the myth, the legend and we can understand why Darby is enamored... the fact that he had his birthday party at one of her favorite places after she'd been trapped in doors for a week because of the smoke (poor air quality) from the Camp Fire probably helped too.

52 : 36 (part 7)

I saw the new "The Grinch" movie, he was the meanest person in Whoville. At the end Grinch was nice like the other people, he even cut the roast beast. I like this "The Grinch" a lot. 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Darby 28/52 v5

It sure does seem like a lot of this year was spent on FaceTime. We were usually laughing, reading, or singing, but when Darby is hungry or tired it is harder... "Mama, I wanna cuddle and watch Gilmore Girls a little bit." Mama's pre-bedtime tv habits are of great interest to Darby.

52 : 35 (part 7)

I went to the Santa Barbara Zoo, there was a part of it that talked about our ape ancestors - I want to be a scientist. We stopped at the Zoo on our way home from my Great Grammie's 90th birthday party.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

52 : 34 (part 7)

It was Halloween, I dressed up as Antman and my sister dressed up as the Wasp. We went to the party at the rec and trick-or-treating with our friends, Aria and Jordan. Jordan dressed up as Catboy from PJ Masks and Aria was Mary Poppins.

Darby 27/52 v5

You are looking at the Wasp, the lucky recipient of second place in the neighborhood costume party. Darby was stoked to be a super hero and was very proud of her winnings... and her brother (Antman) was a little jealous.