Thursday, November 30, 2017

52 : 39 (part 6)

Over Thanksgiving break Ewan told us, "the best days are days with only jammies!" We obliged with 2 full days of PJs including the day we decorated our tree and Chewbacca put the star on top.

Darby 32/52 v4

Who wants to waste time picking out a Christmas tree when you can spend your time at the Home Depot getting warm hugs from Olaf?! Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming, gotta call Santa...

Thursday, November 23, 2017

52 : 38 (part 6)

To commemorate Thanksgiving the Kindergarten classes at Ewan's school had a friend feast, all 100 kids gathered around the table in their hallway and noshed on special treats. Daddy was a volunteer for the party and snapped this picture of our cutie (7th boy on the left) and his friends. 

Darby 31/52 v4

With Thanksgiving this week you would likely anticipate a post of our girl eating her turkey or pumpkin pie but amidst all the cooking and eating and cuddling we did not take many pictures but DeeDee did take this selfie of her and her brother... it was on Mama's phone with a bunch of pictures of Home Alone on the TV, the fire in the fireplace, and all 4 of us squeezed onto our comfy red couch.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

52 : 37 (part 6)

Since Ewan started Kindergarten we have found ways to stay involved day-to-day, Daddy is the garden parent and Mama is a class mom and an art teacher. This week's art lesson was led by another Mom but Mama was there to assist and loved watching the lesson instead of teaching - it is so cool to watch Ewan listen and learn and take his project so seriously!

Darby 30/52 v4

The weather has turned and while we still have a few warm days occasionally we also have chilly nights and a little rain. The first sprinkle was a good reminder that it is time to get DeeDee a new raincoat, this one is a 2T but she insisted on wearing it... our big girl is a size 4 these days, she is also requesting curly hair more, which means no ponytails, bows, or headbands. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

52 : 36 (part 6)

The holiday cup is officially here. Ewan had a day off of school so we stopped in for a vanilla steamer and a chat.

Darby 29/52 v4

For picture day Darby had her first official visit to the mama salon, no one got burnt and she loved the early morning pampering. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Darby 28/52 v4

Darby was pretty insistent that she wanted to be Princess Jasmine for Halloween. For weeks Mama looked for a nice, aka less naked, costume and then Darby changed her mind and emphatically wanted to be Darth Vader... after that faithful day in September her mind (luckily) did not change again and she was the cutest pig-tailed Darth Vader ever. 

52 : 35 (part 6)

After a 7-day trial of STARZ Ewan was adequately addicted to Inspector Gadget (the original cartoon series) and decided that he would be him for Halloween. He drew many sketches and discussed concepts with his Dad for weeks. When all was said and done his favorite feature was the working propeller that Kevin made. During trick-or-treating Ewan definitely got the nostalgia vote from all the parents who decided he must be the coolest kid!