Thursday, September 28, 2017

Darby 23/52 v4

Darby's favorite weekends include playdates with Sophia. Sunday we went to Sea Bowl, enjoyed a game that Daddy won, and then pizza, nachos, french fries, and apple juice with a really great family. We also lingered over the loss of one of our favorite Darby-isms, for so long when ever she discussed something we had done in the past she said we did it "lasterday" - now she just says "last week" - everything was last week and we really mis lasterday. 

52 : 30 (part 6)

For 5.5 years we avoided so many things, namely gender stereotypes and irritating popular culture... kindergarten has changed this and this last weekend Ewan discovered the joy of Pokemon at a birthday party, which his Daddy furthered with a quick download of Pokemon Go - life is now about hunting Pokemons, finding gyms, and creating new characters that he draws, names, and assigns powers. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Darby 22/52 v4

This little lady can make any dinner better... and playing walrus at ramen will be tough to beat.

52 : 29 (part 6)

It is not everyday that your mom and dad buy a new house and you have an empty place to scream and run and take selfies. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

52 : 28 (part 6)

We sneak attacked Ewan with a surprise 5 1/2 birthday celebration at his Auntie's Mama and Daddy's house; we ate Mexican food, went swimming, had cake, and started 1 of 3 new Captain Underpants books. The big discovery of the evening, there is a show called Ghost Hunters so ghosts must be real. 

Darby 21/52 v4

Mama's attempts to avoid all things girly have been continuously thwarted by Darby. In the chaos of all of brother's activities we decided Dee Dee needed something of her own where not only would she learn something but she would get a little extra alone time with Mama or Daddy... she of course picked Dance. Her first class went well, she was commended for being such a great listener, and kept her clothes on (she always seems to end up naked at home). Taking pictures through the 1-way mirror was difficult but the good news was she did not care that she could not see her grown-up. 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

52 : 27 (part 6)

Since Ewan started Kindergarten we have spent time each evening trying to hear the details of his day. The things that bubble to the top are always interesting but this week it was rather shocking... he proudly let us know that he was selected by his teacher to receive a "Bear Badge" for being responsible, "when she called my name I was just so shocked!" Seeing Ewan so proud as he showed us his award was a real highlight of kindergarten so far.

Darby 20/52 v4

Bedtime seems to be a passe concept to Darby. Her Daddy was out with a friend this weekend and she delayed due to an important phone call, "I just need 10 more minutes for this call." The DVD remote was her phone and she insisted on taking it to bed. The imaginary conversations she had with her BFF Sophia and her Grampie were pretty darn hilarious and have us even more convinced this girl will have a very glittery imaginary friend some day... to go with the balloon on a string she has been dragging around as her doggy for over a week now.