Sunday, April 28, 2019

A Rapunzel Party for Darby's 5th Birthday

After Darby's 4th birthday party she insisted she wanted the exact same party - cake, bounce house, princess guest - except this time she wanted Rapunzel instead of Ariel. Mama went a little overboard with the cake, but it was delicious... Darby loved the party and it was a day we will all remember for awhile.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

52 : 6 (part 8)

For Easter we went to the Academy of Sciences and the de Young, it is my favorite holiday tradition. At the art museum we saw the Monet exhibit and my Mom and Dad let me get the audio tour, I want to get it every time now.

Darby 52/52 v5

For Darby's 5th Birthday she asked to get her ears pierced. We kept thinking she might change her mind but she was persistent so we took her to the baby whisperer in San Francisco and Captain Marvel helped her be brave!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A Letter to Darby on Her 5th Birthday!

Darby -

5 years of you! It seems impossible, but also like there wasn’t ever a time without you. You were the easiest addition to our family and its very clear completion.

You have taught us all so much in your first five years. Ewan is constantly learning how to be gentle, patient, and humble - you also clearly challenge all the things he hears about girls from the little boys at school by giving him/them a run for his/their money. Your Dad has new perspective on nurturing you and keeping you curious. And me, well you’ve taught me it’s always worth trying to do the right thing, if not for me for you and your generation.

Everyday I think about what you will bring this world and what you deserve from it... We talk a lot about the Patriarchy and Murphy’s Law (you want to know more about Murphy). When I reflect on why it comes down to two things - I want you to know that you can do absolutely anything you want while realizing that things won’t always go how you hope/expect/plan.

You are smart, empathetic, grateful, and genuine. Your favorite color rotates between purple and pink depending on the day, and you are very patient with us when we guess wrong. Your favorite thing is still Princess Ariel, I have lost track of how many you have but think you’ve exceeded 10 now... and when told we could cuddle and watch anything you wanted tonight you emphatically picked “The Little Mermaid”. When it comes to food all things cheese are still your favorite with Daddy’s “special mac and cheese” topping the list... your brother complains it’s too cheesy and you just look at him like he is crazy because there is no such thing as too cheesy in your world. This year we noticed you go through snack phases, one day it’s all about chocolate almonds and the next you hate them, but you have maintained your hangry tendencies so having the right calories on hand is vital. Your favorite book is currently “Rebel Girls” and every night you come to me and say “I want # hero girls tonight” and you are actually really pragmatic about how many - 1 on the nights when it’s past bedtime and you are fading and 4 when you know you’ve been a rockstar and I am in no rush at all for you to sleep. You are still a great sleeper but are definitely our early bird, always ready to start your day!

This year we took a big trip to Australia and New Zealand, you loved both and we hope to take you back soon. You also went to Disney World (Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios), Universal Studios (for Harry Potter), and on another Disney Cruise but this time to the Caribbean (Tortola, St. Thomas, and Castaway Cay/Bahamas). Showing you the world is one of our favorite things, you are so curious and kind everywhere we go.

This year you will learn violin, you insisted it is the instrument for you and we are excited to see how you will learn something we appreciate but know nothing about. You also can’t wait to learn to read, which has you very excited to start kindergarten. You seem so little to us Darby but it is so clear you are a force. We love you and are so proud you are ours.

Love ya, Love ya,

A 5th Birthday Date for Darby!

With Darby starting Kindergarten next year we know that her 5th birthday is the last time we can sneak her away from school guilt-free. She insisted on wearing her party dress, enjoyed a quick visit to preschool as the "bug of the week" followed by a wander around the Botanical Gardens and tea at the Rotunda. After Ewan got out of school she opened presents, had her favorite mac and cheese with hot dogs, and then some lemon cake!

5 Year Old Darby

44.8lbs (79%tile), 44.75in (88%tile), great hearing, and good vision! Our little lady is healthy and active... and she is committed to adding broccoli to her diet per Dr. Fong's suggestion.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

52 : 5 (part 8)

I fell asleep in a taxi thinking we were going to the airport and my Mom and Dad woke me up and told me to look out the window... there was a Disney Cruise ship and we were getting on. We took the boat through the Caribbean and my favorite part was the kids' club Marvel section.

Darby 51/52 v5

And then when you think Spring Break can't get any more fun you fall asleep in a Taxi and wake up to board a Disney Cruise that takes you to Tortola, St. Thomas, and Disney's Castaway Cay (Bahamas). As always Darby made friends instantly on the boat and even got a little more time with Ariel!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

52 : 4 (part 8)

I knew it was Spring Break but I did not know we were going to Florida for Disney World and Universal Studios. I loved going on all of the rides and getting a wand at Ollivanders on Diagon Alley, I got one like Hermione's because it has a dragon heartstring core.

Darby 50/52 v5

It is not everyday that your Mom and Dad wake you up and take you to the airport and you end up in Florida with a ticket to Disney World attached to your wrist! We went to the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Universal Studios (for Harry Potter). Darby loved visiting her Best Friend Ariel and even got to have lunch with her in Cinderella's Castle!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

52 : 3 (part 8)

The first grade classes at my school did the "3 Piggy Opera" for the school and our families this week. I am glad that I did the performance because it was fun, I read a few of the narrator lines in front of everyone.

Darby 49/52 v5

Darby can't wait to join Ewan at Elementary School in the Fall...  and the fun at Science Night this week has her further convinced.