Thursday, January 25, 2018

Darby 40/52 v4

3 years and 9 months! Cute curls, sassy smile, hand on hip, and tan little feet. 4 is so close and it just does not seem possible. Darby is starting to write her own name, Y is the trickiest, and is ready to be in Kindergarten with brother - don't tell her that she has to wait another year and a half.

Darby Moira - 3 years 9 months

52 : 47 (part 6)

Ewan loves that his Daddy runs the garden for his kindergarten class... even if it means weekend trips to school for weeding.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Darby 39/52 v4

Our Sunday adventure this week took us to the Legion of Honor for the Klimt and Rodin show. Darby loved wandering the museum and took pictures of her favorite art, which is seen in this week's picture... she loved the girl's pink dress of course. After we finished the exhibit we had a nice long picnic in the January sunshine.

52 : 46 (part 6)

When given the choice of playing basketball or tennis Ewan emphatically chose tennis, Santa brought him a racket and his lessons kicked off this week. While the class is pretty casual Ewan is enjoying meeting new friends and trying to perfect his swing.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Darby 38/52 v4

Some people are just made for vacation, Darby is one of those people. This girl can make friends anywhere, enjoys adventures, loves swimwear (even though she hates sunscreen), and is truly in her element in Mexico where the quesadillas and smoothies are all you can eat.

52 : 45 (part 6)

It's not everyday that your Mom and Dad wake you up at 4:00am and whisk you to the airport for a mini-break. The look on Ewan's face when the pilot revealed we were headed to Mexico... or as he says it Meckicko... was priceless. On the trip he enjoyed the resorts bacon wrapped hot dogs, banana smoothies, lots of pool time, and feeding the fish saltines each afternoon.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Darby 37/52 v4

Ice skating like Elsa was a lot more romantic of an idea that the cold feeling of the ice and the balance required to ice skate.

52 : 44 (part 6)

Going to the movies is Ewan's favorite outing, and the ultimate is if the movie is Star Wars. If we throw in a few games in the arcade... MIND BLOWN!!