Thursday, October 31, 2013

52 : 34 (part 2)

This last Saturday we had a wonderful family date planned - a drive on the coast, a late lunch at a brewery in Pescadero, and then s'mores at the Ritz in Half Moon Bay. All was going well until we were just about to pull in to the Ritz and Ewan, who was in a great mood, projectile vomited. This we took as a sign to go home, take his temperature (totally normal), and put him in the bath. One quick move and he jammed the thermometer in his ear, which began to bleed. The advice nurse told us to head to the hospital so we did. Turns out Ewan's eardrum is 100% ok, just a little cut in the  ear canal, thank goodness, but the waiting room was interesting and mama ended up with vomit in her hair, down her neck, and on her sweater (and about 24 hours later the stomach bug, that also took daddy down 12 hours later). It was also all over Ewan, but in the pediatric waiting room they have little people scrubs. If Ewan decides to become a doctor I am putting this picture in his office!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

52 : 33 (part 2)

We spent a lovely day in Napa this past weekend. We had a wonderful lunch and then explored the Stanley Lane Pumpkin Patch, our patch of choice as it is the perfect excuse to get to Napa and is not in a parking lot like so many of the patches near home. Ewan had a wonderful time and was a huge hit with all of the ladies. He was a very good boy until we made him climb off of the tractor.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

52 : 32 (part 2)

This week I had to travel to Atlanta for work, just for two days, but it may have been the hardest since Ewan was born. At 19 months he now misses me, requests me at bed time, and is saddened by my face on FaceTime. 99% of the time I was gone he was fine, and I know in a few short months he will understand more that I will be home soon, but the ache of being away when he can verbalize he misses me is tough. Kevin obviously kept him entertained and happy while I was out, his favorite hobby right now is watering the yard, and occasionally mama/daddy/barley. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Baby Big Mac at 12 weeks

Today was a big big day. We had our 12 week diagnostic ultrasound for Baby Big Mac and all signs point to a healthy baby. Measurements show a baby that is closer to the average size of a 13 week fetus, but if Ewan taught us anything it is that we make big babies. The first trimester testing is cross-referenced with measurements from this ultrasound and all of those results were amazing as well. While things look good we are keeping this little one a secret for a bit longer, at least until mama is feeling closer to 100%!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

52 : 31 (part 2)

19 months comes with bumps and bruises associated with climbing and exploring. This month Ewan's incident reports from school have been on the rise... one for trying to crawl through a cubby to get to the big kids' playground (he scratched his head) and another for diving to get a red ball before anyone else could get it (bloody nose). Incident reports do not mean he is in trouble, just that he was injured in someway, but we feel the need for discipline increasing. Ewan is very receptive to "no" and "sit on your bottom" when re-direction is needed, we can feel the big 2 coming faster everyday, but we are hopeful our well intentioned and loving boy will remain intact.

EP's Official 19 Month Photo - Taken October 14, 2013

Thursday, October 3, 2013

52 : 30 (part 2)

In our house we sort of run hot, pretty constantly we are up to something - work, fun, home repair, or otherwise. This last week it was time to take it easy and give ourselves a break. For us this means leaving work (mostly) on time, moving a little more slowly, watching some tv, and turning in early. Ewan was more than happy to oblige this break, especially since it meant he got some rare screen time.