Thursday, July 25, 2019

52 : 19 (part 8)

We went to Seattle for my Mom's birthday. We got a book about all the things to do there and my pick was getting an icy cold white one at the original Starbucks. The line was pretty long but we waited and it was the best frappuccino I have ever had!

Darby 13/52 v6

This week we went on a mini-break to Seattle, there was so much to see and friends to visit! We saw a lot of sites - great museums, the space needle, a hike on the coast, and more. We also ate really well and Darby realized her love of soup dumplings (Din Tai Fung).

Thursday, July 18, 2019

52 : 18 (part 8)

This summer we are going to lots of fun camps during the day. We also started a tradition of having picnic dinners on Fridays. This week we went to a concert in the park, there was an ice cream truck.

Darby 12/52 v6

Darby is loving the outdoors, she likes to hike and learn about the trees from her Dad. This weekend we went to brunch and explored a new trail without enough water and a little too much competition about who could get up the hill fastest.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

52 : 17 (part 8)

I love going to the movies. This week we saw Spider-Man: Far From Home. My mom got me my favorite movie snacks and took this picture that she said shows I am all knees these days.

Darby 11/52 v6

When your Mom has been obsessing about accordion glass doors for almost 2 years she makes you model with them when they are finally installed so she can text the picture to everyone and anyone that might care.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

52 : 16 (part 8)

For 4th of July I was in our neighborhood parade with my Cub Scout Pack. The theme of the parade was "California Dreamin" and we all created our own surfboards out of cardboard and wore our swim clothes.

Darby 10/52 v6

It's a jungle out there... and on the dance floor! Darby danced her heart out at her animal themed recital this weekend. This was her last performance with Small Fry Dance Club as she is graduating to their older program, Principal Creative & Performing Arts.