Thursday, December 25, 2014

52 : 42 (part 3)

Oh Santa, you were so so so good to our sweet boy. Ewan and his co-pilot had a glorious time driving around the neighborhood early Christmas morning. The only gift that came close to his Boss 302 Mustang was his Sheriff Woody doll, which Darby got him. Taking Ewan shopping for his sister was probably one of the best parts of holiday preparations, he is very in to rainbows (always singing a song about the rainbow) these days, and he picked a big pink CareBear for her, Cheer Bear to be specific, which has a rainbow across her belly and a pink heart nose, and when Darby opened it they were both so excited.

Darby 35/52

An 8 month Darby is 20 pounds 4 ounces and 27.5 inches. She picks food up, her own and her friends, and puts it in her mouth. She crawls at an amazingly quick pace and cruises from couch, to coffee table, to chair, to a parent's leg with out so much as pausing. She is deeply loved by her family, especially her brother, and is a super strong chick when he is a little too rough. From everything we can tell she is busily devising her plan to kick his butt the minute she is able. Her teachers think she will walk by 9 months, but Mama is in denial, and will only accept 10 as an option... we shall see. Today she celebrated her first Christmas, while she did not love Santa when she met him, she did adore the holiday - she received a crawling tunnel from Santa and loved ripping the paper from each of her gifts.

Darby Moira - 8 Months

Thursday, December 18, 2014

52 : 41 (part 3)

Ewan has been awaiting the release of "Penguins" as he is a very big fan of the animal movies, more formally known as the Madagascar films. We told him that we would see the movie over the weekend and he could hardly wait. After a nice breakfast it was finally time and this boy basically bounced to his seat in the theatre, he enjoyed every piece of popcorn, laughed hysterically at many jokes, and was so glad his sissy slept through the entire thing. He also enjoyed looking at all the movie posters and making his must see list for 2015!

Darby 34/52

Growing so quickly and becoming more participative in classroom activities. Darby and her friends do fun stuff at school, largely to help them explore their senses, and one of our favorites to see is naked baby painting... so cute and it is always fun to find paint behind knees and between toes. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Darby 33/52

This girl has decided she has no physical limits as evidenced by a bruise on her face that she got while trying walk. Yes, walk! This week she moved to crawling on all fours, no more army crawl, pulling up on anything remotely stable, cruising a few feet in each direction, and standing with no hands... I repeat no hands. Someone needs to remind baby lady that  she is only 7.5 months old.

52 : 40 (part 3)

We may be getting to the terrible part of the 2s, but it may be too soon to tell. And based on what we have seen we suppose that this boy's terribles are rather tame compared to others (hopefully this does not jinx us). His terribles look like a boy that can't seem to listen to his mama and daddy, nor can he focus on being gentle with his sister, nor can he pick up his toys. He is very passionate about all that he does and all that he is not allowed to do. Ewan is definitely testing the limits and contemplating a shift where he becomes the boss, but we still love him, and between outbursts he covers us in kisses and hollers, "I love you!"

Ewan Porter - 2 Years 9 Months

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Darby 32/52

And just like that, at 7 months and 5 days, she pulled herself to a standing position... We are going to have to call in reinforcements soon.

52 : 39 (part 3)

This boy is always up for a good cuddle. Over the weekend we took a mini-break to Napa and Ewan was happy to explore the area with his sister. During some evening downtime Ewan wanted to snuggle with his Darby so he asked to climb in her crib with her for a hang out, and in preparation for our upcoming Disneyland trip he wanted to introduce her to Mickey Mouse!