Thursday, December 27, 2012

52 : 42

Wow what a week. This one included Ewan's first trip to Southern California to visit his Grammie McD and other family, and his first Christmas. He was amazing on the trip, and when people ask me if he has stranger anxiety I can definitively say no as he was faced with 50 relatives at an annual Christmas party and not a tear was shed --- and this group is not a quiet group, they are loud and loving and were the perfect introduction for Ewan to his family down South.

The merriment of Christmas has never felt so real or magical. I will discuss the holidays more in a Christmas specific post, so for this 42nd entry in Project 52 I would just like to reflect on the beauty of my boy. While exchanging emails with a friend over the weekend I said something that I had not yet verbalized even to myself. I was explaining that I never knew I was supposed to be a mother until I met Ewan. Some roles (daughter, sister, student, employee, wife) I have struggled with in various ways, but motherhood has been a natural fit, not to say I am always amazing at it, but I have never doubted it. 2012 was amazing for us and I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us, come week 43 we will be in the new year!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

52 : 41

I was pregnant with Ewan for 41 weeks, and today he has been with us for 41 weeks. Here is what I got all those weeks ago, and here is what I have today!

At his 9 month well baby Ewan weighed 24.5 lbs (92%) and measured 30.5 in (96%). He is meeting and exceeding his developmental milestones and is forecasted to be walking well before his first birthday. Cruising is at the top of his list, but he still loves to crawl a lot and FAST! This week he screwed the lid back on an Evian bottle, met a stair at Grammie McD's (didn't slow him at all), and continued his constant banter.

Our pediatrician said Ewan is exhibiting some cognitive skills that aren't expected until he is 1, such as following our glances to see what we are looking at and responding when we point by looking himself. Ewan is extremely curious and is enjoying a few days in Southern California by taking in all the new stuff and visiting the Santa Barbara Zoo and LACMA.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

52 : 40

This last weekend Ewan turned 9 months, how has 9 months passed already?!

It has been a very busy month for our boy: he went on an international vacation, started pulling up and cruising and standing for quick moments, he stayed with his trusty babysitter Auntie M twice, he got his first Christmas tree, he continued to explore foods (like tofu), he now has opinions about things like the remote being taken away, he is really starting to love his friends at school, and he of course continues to grow. We refer to him as our beefcake, and he is also referred to as a sturdy boy at school and as a linebacker by Auntie M. He still doesn't seem to have much anxiety at all, but for the first time cried at a stranger. He loves early morning cuddles, bath time, all electronics, and his mobility.

I am not the first to say this, but I wish I could bottle this time up --- all the giggles and grins and kisses and love just own us. My boys and their manly shenanigans are very entertaining and the sounds of their chatter and laughter are the only soundtrack I need.

EP's official 9 month photo - taken December 12th, 2012

Thursday, December 6, 2012

52 : 39

Today Ewan and I get to celebrate our favorite person. While Ewan is 39 weeks old, K is 1,774 weeks old. This year he is feeling old because he works a lot, has a wife, has a baby, has a mortgage, has two dogs --- but we equate that to a lot of hard work and love, not a lot of years. Our goal today is to let K relax with an easy dinner out and some video game therapy, then tomorrow a date with the wifey and on Sunday a family beer-xcursion. We try to celebrate each other everyday, but birthdays give us the perfect excuse to love on each other even more.