Thursday, May 25, 2017

52 : 12 (part 6)

And just like that Ewan lost his second tooth on May 22! He is a bit of a celebrity in his class and was stoked to receive another $5 from the Tooth Fairy. 

Darby 5/52 v4

Nothing makes Darby happier in the morning than a donut, and this was her first Dunkin' Donut!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Darby 4/52 v4

Darby was enjoying a nice dinner out with her family, but was completely mesmerized by the pool table behind our table... the bread, the meatballs, and the noodles could not get her attention, but eventually the vanilla gelato did.

52 : 11 (part 6)

So hard to believe that kindergarten is less than 3 months away. The Bat Rays are preparing for "gradulation" and they will be putting on the play Where the Wild Things Are, Ewan will be Max! This week he told us that they have been practicing and that at the actual graduation he "can't talk to you guy cause I can't break the 4th wall!" This boy is so special... in a sea of Mommy, Daddy, Teacher, and Police Officer he stuck to his guns and declared that he will be a Ghostbuster when he grows up!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Darby 3/52 v4

On a warm spring day when you eat your lunch, and take your nap with out a fight, you of course take a walk to the grocery and enjoy an afternoon treat of strawberry ice cream. 

52 : 10 (part 6)

We weren't ready for it, but it happened anyway... our barely 5 year old lost his first tooth and now he looks like he is headed off to college. He asked us if the tooth fairy could bring him legos, we texted her to ask, but she only deals in money because she is just a little fairy. He was thrilled to wake up to $5 under his pillow.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Darby 2/52 v4

This 3 year old is a very good patient... blood pressure was perfect, vision was above average, and her growth chart is pretty amazing - 35.8 pounds (89%tile) and 39 inches (90%tile). Project this year is to hold the pen in her fingers, not her fist... and according to her Mama and Daddy, to be less cute! 

52 : 9 (part 6)

Ewan loves "working" at Salesforce and asks to come at least weekly. This last week he joined me for Take Your Kid to Work Day. He stuffed a bunny for the children's hospital, made friends, contributed to our community art, and was generally awesome! #FutureTrailblazers #SalesforceOhana #EwanGoesToWork