Thursday, December 29, 2016

Darby 36/52 v3

Darby spent Christmas day putting everything she got on at once while doing rounds and rounds with each of her toys... outside for a round of hockey, inside for her little people castle, outside for basketball, inside for some art time, and so on.

52 : 43 (part 5)

Ewan had a Christmas full of Ghostbusters... legos, yahtzee, pajamas, clothes, etc. This year the excitement really built for Ewan, but he could not quite make it through the night to catch Santa in the act!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Darby 35/52 v3

Another month, another bow.

Darby Moira - 2 Years 8 Months

52 : 42 (part 5)

Afternoon movie dates are one of our favorite activities, and when it involves Star Wars we are all the happier. This week we snuck Ewan out of school early and took him to the city to see Rogue One! We had a fun lunch and headed over to Alamo Drafthouse for the movie, the novelty of having warm popcorn and fresh baked cookies delivered to our seats may never wear off.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Darby 34/52 v3

So the Santa fear of a few weeks ago persisted to Charlie Brown... we had a lovely family brunch date followed by an afternoon at the San Francisco Symphony where they did a special performance of A Charlie Brown Christmas. The kids loved the Symphony Hall, all of the Christmas trees, and the music.

52 : 41 (part 5)

In keeping with their annual tradition, Ewan and Auntie Marianne built a gingerbread house this week, actually a small village of 4 houses. Every year Ewan gets more specific in his vision for the house(s) and he also gets sneakier about eating the frosting and candy. Ewan always has fun with his Auntie and he was definitely in almost 5 year old form.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Darby 33/52 v3

Daddy had a birthday, we made a cake, and Darby sang the loudest of all of us to the man of all of our dreams. Happy Birthday Kevin!

52 : 40 (part 5)

Mama saw a special offer on tickets for the Lion King musical in San Francisco so she snagged them and took Ewan for a special date in the city. We took BART in, spent the morning shopping for a little girl that we adopted for the holidays, looked at the decorations in Union Square, went to the Cheesecake Factory for pizza (Ewan chose the spot and the menu), and then enjoyed the show. Ewan was mesmerized by the musical and seems to have memorized the songs and catchphrases immediately.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Darby 32/52 v3

We expected our Santa experience to be pretty seamless this year so when we got to Santa's Village and Darby was a bit tentative about the old guy we were surprised but settled with her sitting to Ewan's right while Santa was on his left... we took the pictures and while Mama was picking the winner with the photographer Darby warmed up and climbed up on Santa's lap so we did a quick reshoot.

52 : 39 (part 5)

Ewan is old hat at this Santa business now, he confidently walked up to the old guy and sat right next to him. When prompted Ewan calmly and succinctly explained to Santa that he wants the boy Ghostbuster Lego set and that Darby wants the Little Mermaid Duplo set. Darby was a bit uncomfortable and Ewan was an all-star big brother so after we got home from our visit Ewan got to put the star on our tree!