Thursday, March 29, 2018

Darby 49/52 v4

Things are a bit exhausting right now...

52 : 3 (part 7)

While we usually like to share the beautiful photos that show the great things - this week was chaotic and frustrating and sweet and in this picture you see it all. We moved into our new house this weekend and it is not done, we spent days in jammies because we don't know where anything is, and it was Easter. Ewan enjoyed his Jumanji themed basket, searching for eggs in our swampy jungle of a backyard, and cuddled his stressed out Mama extra tight.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Darby 48/52 v4

Silly is the perfect word to describe Darby today. Since she was a baby Darby has impressed us with her range of facial expressions but adding her silly performer personality is delivering MANY laughs for our family these days.

52 : 2 (part 7)

The PTA at Ewan's school funds great programs that our tax dollars do not - music, art, and science are his favorites. This week his class did a music performance, we failed at practicing with him, but he did not seem to care that he kept forgetting the words... and dang is this boy tall!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Darby 47/52 v4

We have discovered public schools are full of random holidays... so what is a family to do with a random Monday off in March, well head to Disneyland of course to let our little lady reach her potential with Jedi training. She may have been 6 weeks to young and failed quizzes about her birthday, as did her Dad, but her training is still complete.

52 : 1 (part 7)

What better way to celebrate your first week being 6 than a visit to Disneyland. Ewan enjoyed the usual Jedi Training and treats, and then he shocked us by going on the Guardians of the Galaxy ride... TWICE! The ride is an elevator that shoots up and down with an epic 131 foot drop. 6 year olds sure are brave, at least this one is. 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Darby 46/52 v4

Somehow brother turned 6 today and Darby insisted on baking his Flash cake with Mama, she took her whisking duties especially seriously!

A Letter to Ewan on his 6th Birthday

Ewan, My Boy, My BIG Toothless Baby Boy... SIX! SIX! HOW?!

As I sit and reflect on you and this birthday I struggle to accept how fast this life of yours is going. I have probably mentioned before that a family friend once said, "life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end the faster it goes!" While I am no where near the end the clock has sped up so significantly for me in the last 6 years that I shiver if I think about it for too long. I look at you and I see me, especially in the eyes - I also see my heart outside of my body.

You are the sweetest kid I know. Your kindergarten teacher realized quickly that the perfect word to describe you is sincere, she could not be more right. Your heart is huge and your body is too, we can't seem to find pants that are narrow enough while also being long enough. As is obvious in the picture with this note you still love red, your favorite super hero is FLASH, and your two front teeth are gone.

This year we have loved watching you adjust to kindergarten - it was easier on you than on us. I teach art to your class while Daddy teaches garden, and we love the glimpses it gives us into you and this life you are creating outside of us. You love art and science, can't decide on a favorite sport but are always willing to try. You are curious and kind, you love deeply and give the best hugs. Keep doing you, the world hasn't taken that from you yet... aside from the nail polish you ditched recently. We adore you and can't wait to see what this 7th year has in store for you.


A 6th Birthday Date for Ewan

Ever year we have taken Ewan out for a special birthday date. When he started Kindergarten this last year we just expected he would miss school and the tradition would continue... but he insisted on going to class, probably a good sign but also a little sad.

We brought Baby Darby along for the fun in K2 and Mrs. Radsliff gifted her a book to go with Ewan's. After school the fun began and the tradition continues to evolve - instead of our usual museum Ewan insisted on a movie, Black Panther, which he had already seen! We are losing control, but soaked in every minute with this guy - we also delivered his toy donations to the hospital, got hot dogs at Gott's, and rounded things out with presents (legos and fun stuff for his bedroom at the new house) and cake.

We have said it before and we will say it again... 6 already!

6 Year Old Ewan

6 already! Seemingly nothing but elbows and knees. Missing teeth but still the best smile in the world.

Ewan Porter - 6 Years Old!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Super Hero Bowling Bash for Ewan

Only an almost six year old boy would put bowling and super heroes together, thinking it is as natural a combo as peanut butter and jelly. We love Sea Bowl in Pacifica and were so thrilled to host Ewan's birthday party there this year - the venue is awesome, the staff is great, and the entertainment is natural and LOUD. About 20 of Ewan's friends came together to celebrate him and he had so much fun. Celebrating this kid is just so easy!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Darby 45/52 v4

Mama: Darby, what are you drawing?!
Darby: Butt cracks

52 : 52 (part 6)

We recently discovered a hiking path in our new neighborhood that we wanted to explore so Kevin took a risk and took the kids. Surprisingly the uphill hike did not include much whining... just many banana slug sightings.