Thursday, January 31, 2019

52 : 46 (part 7)

I went to a camp fire for my Cub Scouts Pack on Saturday. All of the dens performed skits and mine went first. The camp fire was fun and we got hot chocolate and s'mores.

Darby 40/52 v5

When the boys are away the girls will play! Darby got to plan every detail of our date and insisted on dinner at her favorite burger place with coloring, heading home and snuggling up in pajamas, and then cuddling while watching a movie... we ended up viewing "The Princess Diaries" as Darby loves Anne Hathaway in "Elle Enchanted" and the rumors about a third Princess Diaries film are top of mind for Mama.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

52 : 45 (part 7)

I started playing Soccer last Saturday, I play at 10:00 and my sister plays at 11:00. At the end of class we play a game and this week my team won.

Darby 39/52 v5

The highlight of 4 year old Darby's life is birthday parties, she knows all the venues and can recite the sock requirements. This week was Emily's party and both girls insisted on wearing their party dresses, the tulle really accelerated their sliding!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

52 : 44 (part 7)

On Friday night my Cub Scout pack went to the Warriors game, they were playing the Bulls. Steph Curry made a lot of slam ducks and the Warriors won.

Darby 38/52 v5

We have been getting a good amount of rain this year and Darby needed a way to work out some of her Saturday morning energy so we signed her up for the Winter season of Lil' Kickers. She enjoyed the first day and insists that we need to order some shin guards before next week so she can play harder and run faster.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Darby 37/52 v5

17 days of holiday break can make for stir crazy kids (and parents). After many adventures to the movies, museums, parks, etcetera Darby took a day to go to work with Daddy. In the pantry she found her favorite chocolate covered almonds, dry erase markers and white boards were plentiful, and by the end of the day she was comfortably occupying a Vice President office.

52 : 44 (part 7)

December 21 through January 7 was my Winter Break. During break I had a lot of adventures - for 1 I went to Sky High Sports (trampoline park) where I jumped for 60-minutes and then my Mom got me tokens for 2 motorcycle racing games with my sister and then 1 round of Jurassic Park, and I ate Dippin' Dots.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

52 : 43 (part 7)

For my New Year's Resolution I want to do more science so I assigned each month a science topic. January is electronics and my Dad started by teaching me what makes an atom - electrons, neutrons, and protons. I assigned March (my birthday month) Natural History because it is my favorite.

Darby 36/52 v5

Darby is entering 2019 with a clear vision of what she wants to accomplish --- more Sky High Sports (trampoline park), more museums, and to learn phonics (competing with her brother on the reading front). She also verbally added "wearing more jewelry" over lunch a few days later.