Thursday, June 25, 2015

52 : 16 (part 4)

To this point we hadn't taken Ewan to a 3D movie because we thought the glasses would just be too much of a distraction, but this weekend the "Inside Out" showing that fit our schedule was 3D so we gave it a whirl. Not sure he really got the concept, or appreciated the effect, but he definitely loved the novelty of the glasses.

Darby 9/52 v2

We thought getting out of your newborn year was going to slow things down around here little lady... wow were we wrong. You are walking, running, crawling, climbing, babbling, screaming, and squawking. You want all the attention, feel all the feelings, and demand nothing but the best of all of us. We love you, even though you exhaust us all... even our dog, Barley!

Darby Moira - 14 months

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Darby 8/52 v2

Darby is now a seahorse, no more infant class, on to the 1/2 room. Her transition went exceptionally smoothly and only caused some mild discomfort for mama and daddy as it coincided with a shift from 2 naps to just 1 creating a bit of witching hour before bedtime. As a seahorse Darby quickly took over the room, commandeering her favorites toys, books, and boys.

52 : 15 (part 4)

This week mama was in NY for work so a FaceTime date was in order. At 3 Ewan definitely misses me, but is a lot more rational about my return... because it often includes a present.

During this trip it was announced that FAO Schwartz was closing in mid-July so I swung by for a few mementos (when I was pregnant with Ewan I bought him his first stuffed animal at that store). Ewan had specifically requested a "loud cheetah" so I went in hunt of that and settled on an awesome cheetah stuffed animal that I decided Kevin could make loud. Upon seeing it Ewan immediately named it Camo, as in camouflage, because he had just learned on his current favorite show "Wild Kratts" that a cheetah's fur pattern is camouflage, which allows it to hide. This was the first time we saw him name a toy so logically and we were VERY proud, and impressed.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

52 : 14 (part 4)

Ewan -

You are 3 years and 3 months old now... and you are simply AMAZING!

At this point you are deciding where and how to push us to achieve your ends, but you are quick to apologize and so obviously are deeply wanting to make us happy that we soften very quickly. You are kind and loving, especially with your sister and your mama. You are always illustrating to us how you are thinking of those that you love, like this last week when your daddy was away you "wrote him an email" and insisted I take a picture of you with it to send to him. You make sweet presents for us all the time and are starting to understand the concept of mail so family and friends watch your mailboxes.

In terms of your growth you are about 45 pounds and 43 inches and getting stronger and more coordinated everyday. Your language skills are advancing rapidly and you sing complete songs to us frequently, and have started making up your own tunes. Your imagination is definitely running wild and we love watching all of the scenarios you create --- like rocks you eat and bad guys you kick and lions you tame. You whisper sweet nothings and tells us you love us constantly... please never stop that.

We simply adore you and all of your sweet habits.

Love you so BIG,

EP @ 3 Years and 3 Months

Darby 7/52 v2

If the way this girl rules the park is any indication of how she will rule the world everyone had better start bracing themselves now!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Darby 6/52 v2

Next week this girl officially starts to transition out of infants and in to the next classroom so they are letting her explore some of the activities (and snacks) that the 1-2s do. She enjoys the art, but the snacks had her at cheerios!

52 : 13 (part 4)

A boy's first bowl is pretty important and would have been 100% amazing if not for the flashing lights and digital sounds of the nearby arcade.

Everything considered I think Ewan enjoyed his play date at SeaBowl... Pizza, onion rings, bowling, and a video game car race made for a wonderful Sunday Funday!