Thursday, March 28, 2019

52 : 2 (part 8)

This weekend my Cub Scout Pack had a slumber party at the Academy of Sciences, my favorite museum! The sleepover was so fun, we slept in the aquarium area - the darkest and funnest part.

Darby 48/52 v5

This weekend Darby went to a slumber party at the Academy of Sciences with Ewan's Cub Scout Pack. Our buddies Jake and Ellie were there, which made it even more fun - Darby and Ellie are good friends, they protect each other from the scary dinosaurs!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Darby 47/52 v5

Darby's first t-ball game got canceled last weekend due to rain, along with opening day ceremonies, so her season kicked off this week and she did great! Darby is a Mustang with her buddy Jordy and a bunch of other new friends!

52 : 1 (part 8)

This week I got the game ball for my game against the Iron Pigs. I got the ball for playing a good game, I turned a double play!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

52 : 52 (part 7)

I am playing coach pitch baseball this Spring, I am on the Hot Rods. This weekend we had our first game, we played the Mudcats. I did not win the MVP ball this game but hope I will win one this season. Baseball is my favorite sport right now, but the rain is messing with our season.

Darby 46/52 v5

This week Ewan turned 7! To celebrate his birthday we saw Captain Marvel on Opening Night. Darby liked the movie and loved the girl power, so the movie is her favorite for now. Ewan liked the movie too, maybe they will be Captain Marvel and Nick Fury for Halloween this year.

Friday, March 8, 2019

A 7th Birthday Date for Ewan

After school on my 7th birthday I got an icy cold white one (vanilla frappuccino) and to play video games with my Dad before I went to my Lego STEM class. After Legos I went home and opened my presents, my favorite things were Nintendo games, and then I went out to pizza and to see Captain Marvel with my family. It was opening night of Captain Marvel on my birthday, the movie was AWESOME - I loved when they realized that the skrulls were trying to find their families.

7 Year Old Ewan

65.8 lbs (93%tile), 4ft 5.25 in (99.2%tile), and 20/20 vision. According to the curve he will be taller than Mama by 14 (6ft) and will top out at just over 6ft 4in.
Ewan Porter - 7 Years Old! 

A Letter to Ewan on His 7th Birthday!

Ewan -

7! I vividly remember being so excited to turn 7 and I love seeing that in you - what is it about 7?! Is the world coming into focus enough that you understand the freedom each new year brings, is it the promise of another year of exciting adventures, or is it the simple expectation of cake and presents?

Baby boy, you are smart, sensitive, and sweet. Your heart is so big and you give so much to the world. You love science, are thoughtful about the world, and ask the best questions - still this often occurs in the car when it’s quiet and you have a moment to think. I think you worry a little too much, and you feel all the feels, both likely my fault, but how these qualities manifest into the sweet boy you are makes our hearts swell.

The influences of the “cool kids” and what the world of parents and teachers and coaches want of you can seem heavy at times, but I love talking to you about how this is all preparing you for the world and the choices you’ll get to make about your life, and that the real goal is to become a good man... and then I imagine you 6 feet 5 inches, 230 lbs, with a deep voice, and I am overwhelmed with who I can see and feel you becoming.

Our biggest struggle this year, and probably the only regret I have as your Mom, is that you didn’t get the patience you deserved from us... you always mean the best so why can’t I take a deep breath and offer you a little more room to be a kid - I promise I am working on it and I appreciate you talking through it with me and the support you give me as I try to be the mom you deserve. This year we moved and nearly finished our new house, Dad got a new job, Sis started a new preschool, my Mom died, my work was hard, your adjustment to 1st grade was unexpected, and then there was just the usual life juggles - it was hard and seeing that stress catch up with all of us was eye opening.

We did also take time for fun and explored Australia and New Zealand where your passion for Natural History came clear for you in all those museums. You played tennis and soccer, swam, joined cub scouts, and started little league while improving as an independent reader and rocking math. Your new year’s resolution shows just how much you love science as you assigned yourself a topic to dive deep on each month - March is naturally Natural History, your favorite.

You make the world better, Ewan, and while you struggle a little with what you bring to the world and how to relate to other 7 year olds that don’t understand the complicated and creative games you makeup the lessons you are learning about being you and finding the people that do understand you will serve you.

As we say at the end of any story that has some vein of something not going your way... whose got your back baby? That’s right, it’s Mama - everyday of my life I promise to have your back. Let’s see what your 8th year has in store.


Thursday, March 7, 2019

52 : 51 (part 7)

This is me on my last day of being 6, my Mom always makes me take a picture the night before my birthday. My favorite part of being 6 was having fun experiences with my friends and family. I hope I love being 7 too!

Darby 45/52 v5

Since Darby is almost 5 it was time to get her a new passport. It seems sad to not get to carry her pudgy baby face around anymore. Darby loved the process of getting her passport renewed and is thrilled for her next adventure.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

A Video Game Truck Party for Ewan's 7th

My 7th birthday party was Smash Brothers themed. Smash Brothers is my favorite video game. All of my friends came to the party, we played a lot of fun video games and ate pizza and chocolate cake. My favorite part was the video games.