Thursday, September 29, 2016

52 : 30 (part 5)

Man date! This week Kevin surprised Ewan with an outing to his favorite restaurant, upside down triangle, AKA BJ's. Dinner was followed by Wild Kratts Live in the city... Safe to say Ewan's mind was blown!

Darby 23/52 v3

Living off of cheese, milk, and bananas... this girl is full of spunk and is stretching from a baby into a girl. In need of a new wardrobe (no more 2Ts), including bigger shoes to her Mama's delight. At 2 years and 5 months, Darby is oddly polite, always offering her "scuze me", "tank you", and "peeze". Insistent on her independence and our good night songs.

Darby Moira - 2 Years 5 Months

Thursday, September 22, 2016

52 : 29 (part 5)

Two things Ewan insisted on yesterday -
1) Dressing like a soccer player
2) Only getting a treat if he could get one for Baby Darby too

He also insists that when he grows up he will have 10 kids with his Baby Darby and she will have 5 sets of twins so she can "pop'em out 2 at a time." So much that is disturbing about that, while still being cute, such is 4!

Darby 22/52 v3

Looking so big at the kid computer station at the library! Darby did not want her turn to end, but did let her brother teach her a thing or two about how to use the AWE terminal. Between the technology, the puzzles, and the books and DVDs we can check-out, the library is turning in to a favorite Saturday morning stop!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Darby 21/52 v3

This girl inherited her Mama's love of celebrating... and cake.

52 : 28 (part 5)

Dear You-You,

You are the sweetest kid in town. Some people talk badly about 4, but we are loving it. You are creative and curious, you are loving and independent, you know what you want and we are your biggest fans. This year you have really started to come in to your own and while you seem more and more ready for kindergarten it is so impossible to think that at this time next year you will be there.

You like to measure how strong you are so I know that you weigh 51.4 lbs today and that you think you will be Daddy's size in a couple years. Your favorite pastimes right now are art and playing Ghostbusters. You are convinced you will be a Ghostbuster when you grow up and watch the live-action movies, and the cartoons, as often as we will allow. You sustain yourself on milk, pizza, cheesy noodles, and yogurt, but do make the odd request for fish since we went to Mexico.

By the time you turn 5 you will have at least 1 more stamp in your passport and are sure to have asked a million more questions... we want to take you everywhere and teach you everything Bud.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts,

EP - 4.5!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

52 : 27 (part 5)

Ewan turned four and a half today and we happily celebrated with our traditional half cake and some singing. He was excited about celebrating this week and was generally hilarious, we jotted down a few highlights immediately because we never want to forget this phase...
- Asked mama, "Can we have a meeting to talk about something I want to build?"
- Mentioned over dinner, "I want to change my name to College."

Darby 20/52 v3

We think this is a flash forward to a fifteen year old Darby. Today she is well on her way to threenager status even though she technically has 7 months to go. She will stop you if you interrupt her when she is talking, is very clear on her opinions, doesn't hesitate to tell you what she wants, and still has very real bouts of hangriness. She is sassier everyday and we LOVE it. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

52 : 26 (part 5)

His big eyes are not the only thing that get us... One night this week I was getting ready for bed and grabbed a hair tie, Ewan asked what it was so I started to explain I use it to tie my hair back so I can wash my face, and he looked me in my eyes and said, "you just look so beautiful when you do that!" Mama heart melt.

Ewan is also quite the philosiphizer. This week he was not feeling to well, and we asked him how he was, to which he replied, "I feel like a polar bear in a snow storm!" We still are not sure what he meant, but the good news is he is feeling better.

Darby 19/52 v3

This weekend we participated in Walk for Wishes, a fundraiser to support the Make A Wish Foundation. Our family was very excited about the $800 that our favorite people helped us raise, as well as the morning walk. Darby was stoked to ride in Wagon the Dragon for 5K and insisted that we bring baby, who is appropriately named Baby.