Thursday, May 30, 2019

Darby 5/52 v6

It was a big week for Darby, she lost her first tooth! Darby has been wiggling this little tooth forever and finally lost it in her sandwich at lunch at school - she was so excited to have the tooth fairy come and take her tooth in exchange for $5!

52 : 11 (part 8)

The school year is almost over so we had Open House and our Art in Action Art Show. The art that was hung up for me was Egyptian, my Mom taught this lesson. I took my sister to Open House and showed her my Kindergarten class, we hope she will be in there next year, she is really excited to come to my school.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Darby 4/52 v6

It has been a really rainy Spring, which is disrupting our baseball schedules. This weekend's game was canceled so we went on a breakfast date, which was naturally followed by a target run. While we were at target Darby kept saying she was going to be a "modeler" there when she grows up - she kept pointing and strutting and sitting on the merchandise.

52 : 10 (part 8)

Sometimes I forget to be good to my sister and this week I got caught. I felt really bad so I wrote Darby an apology note and asked for a cuddle. The note says, "I'm saree. XO Ewan. For Darby."

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Darby 3/52 v6

Darby's preschool hosted a lovely Mother's Day Tea. The kids treated us to yummy treats, a CD of our favorite songs (mine is "Footloose" by Kenny Logins), and fun facts about ourselves - it took awhile to decode that when she said lettuce sandwich she meant a burger on lettuce versus a bun (true) and I am glad to know my arithmetic skills impress her. It was a really cute afternoon!

52 : 9 (part 8)

Sunday was Mother's Day, we went to the Legion of Honor. At the entrance to the museum there is a statue called "the thinker" that I think is funny because it is a man sitting on a stump thinking naked. We also took Mommy to brunch because we love her.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Darby 2/52 v6

Darby loves new shoes and this past week she picked some out for me with a very solid explanation of their fanciness and how I can wear them. It is nice to have a shopping buddy.

52 : 8 (part 8)

This weekend was our Spring Campout for Cub Scouts. We did a raingutter regatta, built a fort, and did a skit. I like our campouts because I get to spend time with my Dad and the food is good. 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Darby 1/52 v6

One of Darby's birthday wishes was to learn violin. We brought her to the school a couple weeks ago to be measured and this week she started her lessons with Ms. Emily. Darby is really excited to be going to the same music school as Ewan now.

52 : 7 (part 8)

Today I went to work with my Dad, it was take your kid to work day. It was a looooot of fun because I got to do a loooot of science and a looooot of games.