Thursday, July 31, 2014

Darby 14/52

This week Darby experienced an important tradition - Mama and Auntie Whitney took her for her Ferry Building Baby Lunch! Between Mama and Auntie Whitney there are four babies so this was the fourth lunch and they went fancy - Slanted Door - amazing Vietnamese food, always a favorite. Darby was the perfect little lady that lunched and the timing of this lunch aligned perfectly with Auntie and Mama's Birthdays so there was a little celebrating going on for that too... Darby learned this last weekend how much Mama loves her birthday with her first hotel stay at Cavallo Point!

52 : 21 (part 3)

This past weekend we went away for a mini-break to Sausalito to celebrate Mama's 33rd birthday. Our hotel room had an amazing view of her favorite monument, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the town offered great food and fun exploration options. As usual the simple things rule with Ewan, when we checked in to the hotel he snagged a free apple by the lemon water and after Mama took one big bite out he went to town, for what seemed like hours. For the next two days when we asked Ewan if he needed anything all he would say is "Apple!"

Thursday, July 24, 2014

52 : 20 (part 3)

This last week Ewan's Grampy came to visit for a few days so he played hooky from school one afternoon and we went to Curioddysey. Ewan loved showing Grampy the animals outside and all of the science displays inside. Showing the telltale attention span of a 2 year old Ewan ran from exhibit to exhibit and used his big blue eyes to get himself a stuffed lobster and a dinosaur spinner at the gift shop. This week's photo shows Grampy adjusting the cascades exhibit and Ewan's attention wandering. 

Since Grampy left Ewan has added him as an animal to our nightly singing of "animal" - Old MacDonald had a Farm - with a hi hi here and a hi hi there, here a hi, there a hi, everywhere a hi hi. He also expects Grampy to be in the car whenever Mama picks him up from school and when Daddy picks him up and asks who is at home waiting for him he replies "Grampy", evidently an impression was made. 

Darby 13/52

3 months! How has our Darby already been with us for 13 weeks... yet in that short time we already can't remember life without her?!

Sleeping like a champ (11-12 hours each night) and eating like a maniac (six times a day) allowed Darby to grow 2.75 inches (25 inches) in the last month! She also gained 1.5 pounds (14 pounds 12.5 ounces) of squishy baby pudge that we adore. 

Her smiles are full body grins, her giggles are guttural, her eyes are bright blue, and she is simply a delight.

Darby Moira - 3 Months!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Darby 12/52

This week Darby took her first bath in the big tub with her brother. She was skeptical at first, but seemed to be enjoying it by the end. Ewan loved having her company and kept asking for "Sissy Di-Di" after we took her to get her jammers on. 

52 : 19 (part 3)

This boy is soaking up the summer. In addition to swimming lessons we have been visiting the pool at the club and having a splendid time - sun's out guns out!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

52 : 18 (part 3)

Our sweet boy is growing like a weed these days, maybe it is all that summer sun. He is more verbal everyday and is rather humorous. He likes to describe things and lately everything is "funny" - something Ewan says with a guttural giggle. He is working on being more gentle with his sister, and the (unintentional) head butting has been reduced. After a recent head butt that riled up Darby a bit we told Ewan he needed to make her feel better and tell her a joke, so he proceeded to put his face very close to his sister's and yell "joke" very loudly... It didn't do much to calm her down, but Mama and Daddy had a laugh.

This week Ewan also transitioned from the 1/2 YO classroom to the 2/3 class. It all went rather smoothly and he is loving the new space, toys, and friends. We are excited to watch Ewan interact with new kids and can't believe that within the year he will be talking like the older kids in the class, who say things like "Philadelphia" and "hey, I was playing with that" --- we are already so impressed by his 3 and 4 word fragmented sentences! After just a few days in the new class all of the teachers stopped Kevin and I separately to tell us how "sweet and loving" our boy is, we are so proud of our gentle giant.

EP - 2 Years 4 Months (28 Months)

Darby 11/52

We start the proud American training early over here! Darby enjoyed her first 4th of July... We had an all American breakfast (she had milk), we went swimming at the club (she slept), we watched baseball (she stared), and we finished the day with ribs, coleslaw, and peach pie (she again had milk). All in all it was a low key, but perfect, celebration of our amazing country's birthday!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Darby 10/52

Not sure how it is possible, but Darby has begun to retire things - most notably her 3 month wardrobe and her bassinet.

Since Darby is now consistently sleeping about as long as Ewan at night, ten-ish hours, we decided she could graduate to her crib in their room. The first night we snuck her in after her last feeding and in the morning when Ewan came to greet us he went to her bassinet and said, "where baby?" When we explained she was in the crib and showed him the monitor he laughed hysterically. Before he left for school we snuck in so he could wave goodbye over the rail of the crib where Darby, his favorite person, slept happily for another hour.

The crib is a happy place for Darby and we are making a few updates to the room so it feels like both kids, including the addition of a framed Shakespeare quote, "though she be but little she is fierce."

52 : 17 (part 3)

This week Ewan's school hosted an Independence Day parade. Each class had a theme, his class made crowns and shakers (full of rice) that look like fireworks. All of the kids wore red, white, and blue (Ewan has on red/white/blue gingham shorts and blue tennis shoes) and marched their hearts out, and our Ewan led his class in the parade. The entire thing was so cute from the babies in decorated cribs to the pre-K kids in star spangled head bandanas.