Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Being a mom is so new to me, but it feels so warm and cozy.

During my pregnancy I thought a lot about the kind of mama I wanted to be and what mattered, what I came up with is pretty simple. My mothering style is to exude unconditional love and what matters is that Ewan grows up to be a good man. The End.

I may not always know what is right but I can always give my son genuine love and an unwavering sense of security, and always just know I am doing my very best --- with that I don't think I can go wrong, sure he will hate me some days, but even on those days I will love him.

I have approached each day that I have with Ewan with one goal in mind, aside from not breaking him, that he know he is loved. And in the vein of the best mama advice I have received yet, courtesy of my Bestie Whit (you can meet her here), who I believe heard it from her mama, being a mother is not hard it is just constant --- so constant love it is!


  1. Seriously, you can write a best selling mom book. You can call it "Just Do It. (Love)."

    EP has sucked up so much love already, you can tell by all his cuteness.

  2. P.S. My mama is going to DIE when she sees her widsom made your blog!