Thursday, May 17, 2012

52 : 10

Kevin and I are not the type to play hooky... in almost 7 years neither of us have missed work for any reason aside from scheduled vacation, births, or deaths - not even a sick day has been taken.

K has been working very hard lately, through the majority of recent evenings and weekends, including Mother's Day afternoon due to Monday morning obligations. Since I am on maternity leave we decided he would take Monday afternoon off to relax... For relaxation we head to the shore, and we were happy to take EP to the coast for the first time.

We went to the Half Moon Bay Brewery for a late lunch and beers (K's favorite HMB activity), then headed to the Ritz Carlton for hot chocolate at their fire pits over looking the 18th hole and the ocean (P's favorite).

While we lounged we talked about life, summer plans, and our little guy - who thought it was the perfect time for a snooze.

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