Thursday, May 10, 2012

52 : 9

Two whole months! On Tuesday EP and I marked this month milestone with a bunch of photos and lots of cuddles intermixed with some chit chat.

Our conversation went something like this: "EP how has it been two months?" "Gurgle." "You are getting so big." "Squak." "You are my favorite cuddle fish." "Bubble bubble." "I love you. Do you love mama?" "Smile. Drool." Of course EP speaks with his babbles and actions, but none the less a beautiful chat.

UPDATE - At EP's 2 month well baby his growth was further evidenced, he is now 13 pounds 12.1 ounces (89th %tile) and 25.5 inches (off the charts tall, past 99th %tile). We are happy to see he is thriving and are starting a snack/food fund for his teenage years.

EP's official 2 month photo - taken May 8th, 2012

Shortcut to Month 1

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