Monday, May 7, 2012


When I went to work each Monday I was always a little sad, even though the majority of the time I loved my job. I missed weekend life and Kevin, longing for the next day of sleeping in and our lazy morning rituals.

While I have been on maternity leave I find myself dreading Mondays even more. The rhythms of our family have changed, but in an amazing and cuddly way. Instead of dreaming of those extra hours of sleeping on the weekend I find myself waiting for Saturday morning when EP will wake us with his gurgles down the hall, he will have his breakfast, and then we will all hang out in our big bed talking, watching the news, and dozing.

When Kevin leaves at 6:30am during the week EP and I just cuddle and wait for him to return... And I am sure when I head back to work the 3 of us will wait for those daily reunions and long for the weekends together.

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