Thursday, July 3, 2014

Darby 10/52

Not sure how it is possible, but Darby has begun to retire things - most notably her 3 month wardrobe and her bassinet.

Since Darby is now consistently sleeping about as long as Ewan at night, ten-ish hours, we decided she could graduate to her crib in their room. The first night we snuck her in after her last feeding and in the morning when Ewan came to greet us he went to her bassinet and said, "where baby?" When we explained she was in the crib and showed him the monitor he laughed hysterically. Before he left for school we snuck in so he could wave goodbye over the rail of the crib where Darby, his favorite person, slept happily for another hour.

The crib is a happy place for Darby and we are making a few updates to the room so it feels like both kids, including the addition of a framed Shakespeare quote, "though she be but little she is fierce."

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