Thursday, July 10, 2014

52 : 18 (part 3)

Our sweet boy is growing like a weed these days, maybe it is all that summer sun. He is more verbal everyday and is rather humorous. He likes to describe things and lately everything is "funny" - something Ewan says with a guttural giggle. He is working on being more gentle with his sister, and the (unintentional) head butting has been reduced. After a recent head butt that riled up Darby a bit we told Ewan he needed to make her feel better and tell her a joke, so he proceeded to put his face very close to his sister's and yell "joke" very loudly... It didn't do much to calm her down, but Mama and Daddy had a laugh.

This week Ewan also transitioned from the 1/2 YO classroom to the 2/3 class. It all went rather smoothly and he is loving the new space, toys, and friends. We are excited to watch Ewan interact with new kids and can't believe that within the year he will be talking like the older kids in the class, who say things like "Philadelphia" and "hey, I was playing with that" --- we are already so impressed by his 3 and 4 word fragmented sentences! After just a few days in the new class all of the teachers stopped Kevin and I separately to tell us how "sweet and loving" our boy is, we are so proud of our gentle giant.

EP - 2 Years 4 Months (28 Months)

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