Thursday, July 24, 2014

52 : 20 (part 3)

This last week Ewan's Grampy came to visit for a few days so he played hooky from school one afternoon and we went to Curioddysey. Ewan loved showing Grampy the animals outside and all of the science displays inside. Showing the telltale attention span of a 2 year old Ewan ran from exhibit to exhibit and used his big blue eyes to get himself a stuffed lobster and a dinosaur spinner at the gift shop. This week's photo shows Grampy adjusting the cascades exhibit and Ewan's attention wandering. 

Since Grampy left Ewan has added him as an animal to our nightly singing of "animal" - Old MacDonald had a Farm - with a hi hi here and a hi hi there, here a hi, there a hi, everywhere a hi hi. He also expects Grampy to be in the car whenever Mama picks him up from school and when Daddy picks him up and asks who is at home waiting for him he replies "Grampy", evidently an impression was made. 

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