Thursday, August 23, 2012

52 : 24

I am frequently in awe of our little guy. It seems that at least daily Kevin and I look at each other, look at Ewan, and one of us says to the other "we made this."

We are big music fans - our house, our cars, and our cubes at work are always full of tunes, typically iTunes or Spotify blaring from somewhere. Last year while I was pregnant we saw Bon Iver in concert, we have always been big fans, and one song of his has sort of been in my head ever since. The first line brings tears to my eyes ("I am my mother's only one, it's enough") and when listening to it while looking at pictures of my boy, such as this weeks, you know just for example, I pretty much become a teary mess of a mother. As I have said before this boy has made me a blubberer. See Bon Iver sing Flume here, or read the lyrics here.

And the big news this week is that the tooth count is up to 2, the lower left front tooth broke through yesterday (8/22) allowing Ewan much relief and the start of what will soon be an even more irresistible smile.

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