Thursday, August 9, 2012

52 : 22

This week Ewan turned 5 months old --- it was a pretty big month in our house! Ewan started "school", began exploring food, and became mobile.

School has been an exceptionally smooth transition. It was love at first visit. All of the teachers adore Ewan and take such great care of him. They compliment his disposition, his lack of spit up, his joy in playing, his nerdy laugh, and his perfectly round head (which I quickly claimed to be my head shape, and then blushed at how excited I was to know I in turn had the perfectly shaped head). Each day at school they focus on different lessons and a variety of methods for learning. Art projects are completed in the studio, explorer walks are taken around the city in strollers that seat 4, and the kids have time for sensory play.

After 4 straight months of milk, milk, milk Ewan started eating real food! He has tried rice cereal, pears, bananas, butternut squash, and avocados. Bananas are definitely #1 thus far, with butternut squash and pears coming in second, and rice cereal and avocados in third. We have taken to mixing bananas with the other items to ensure consumption, and it is working!

And mobility.... who knew this would happen so quickly, not the mama! In the first 4.5 months of Ewan's life we took full advantage of being able to place him at the center of the bed or on his play mat while we got things done, but this is no longer an option. When your baby travels the distane of your living room simply by rolling from back to belly to back, over and over again, in just a few minutes you know your doomed. And when tummy time quickly evolved from a time of tears to a time of attempted crawling we started to hold our breath a bit in admiration and fear! We love the idea of Ewan walking and running, but it really did make us realize just how quickly this boy of ours is growing.

EP's official 5 month photo - taken August 8th, 2012

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