Thursday, August 2, 2012

52 : 21

Before I had Ewan I hadn't given much thought to baby milestones. I mean I obviously knew they had them, but hadn't considered how exciting they would be for us. When he rolled from his belly to his back I screamed so loud I scared him. Then this last Sunday, July 29th, Ewan rolled from his back on to his belly and I just about died, K had gone out to get breakfast and instead of waiting 5 minutes to share the news I called him! This week's picture was taken soon after that first back to belly roll, such a proud boy.

I was bummed we missed the video oppty so made K sit with the video camera during the next play session, lo and behold 4 minutes in he went from his back to his belly and then to his back and his belly and his back. Once this kid figures something out he just goes with it! We have spent this week adoringly watching him roll from one edge of the living room to other while making his first futile attempts at crawling.


  1. He is ON it, and so proud of himself! Soon he will be chasing the girls all around the house!

  2. Cute Cute Cute!! He's on the move!!