Thursday, July 12, 2012

52 : 18

This has been an interesting week, Ewan turned 4 months on Sunday and started "school" on Monday (more on that next week).

In his fourth month of life EP continued to amaze us with his rolling over, his one successful tripod sit, his first tastes of rice cereal and pears, his love of his sisters, his nerdy laugh, and his general mellow demeanor. We took our first mini-break as a family, went to Sonoma and Livermore for wine tasting, enjoyed cousin Declyn's 2nd birthday party, and just continued to settle ourselves into this amazing groove.

At Ewan's 4 month well baby visit his doctor described him as a very strong boy with a great disposition. We discussed his feats of strength, his constant babble, how he watches his sisters and just laughs at them, and his two true loves - sleep and milk! Measuring in at 27.25 inches Ewan is taller than some 1 year olds, he has grown over 5 inches in his short life, putting him above 99%tile in height! His weight is 16.5 pounds, an increase in almost 7 pounds since birth. His doctor said, "I would have been happy with two pounds since I last saw you, but three is great!" I told Ewan to savor that compliment because there are few times in one's life when weight gain is celebrated in such a way.

We constantly look at this boy and just marvel because we made him!

EP's official 4 month photo - taken July 8th, 2012

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