Thursday, July 5, 2012

52 : 17

It is such fun to watch EP hit his milestones. Last Wednesday (6/27/12) Ewan rolled over! He waited until K got home and just looked so proud! We saw the first roll first hand, taped the second and third and fourth on our video camera, and then got the fifth on the iPhone for texting. At that point he was over the excitement and gave us a very sweet look that seemed to say, "I am not a puppy doing tricks here folks."

Each day we place Ewan on his belly for tummy time and he rolls almost instantly on to his back, he will get their via a roll left or right! The next step would be rolling from his back to his belly, but not loving his tummy time we figure this is awhile off. Each day the roll becomes a bit more quick and forceful - the roll pictured took less than 10 seconds.

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