Thursday, January 28, 2016

Darby 40/52 v2

Darby at 21 months requires sleep, patience, and coffee/wine... For us, not her.

Big notes on her today -
  • Used the potty for the first time last weekend
  • Wanders the house yelling "Daddy, where are you?" in the cutest little voice
  • Is the star of her classroom and seems to really be thriving in the school environment
  • Can both adore and loathe her brother in the same second
  • Thinks she is 5, but seems to be listening to the limits we set a bit more
  • Will only allow her daddy to rock her to sleep... even if her mama is sitting right there in the rocker
  • Requests light saber battles daily
  • Doesn't have a favorite food, her preferences change everyday, but a nice cold glass of whole milk is always well received
Just 3 more months until Darby is 2, which we are guessing will be really fun (sense some sarcasm, and a bunch of sincerity).

Darby Moira - 1 Year 9 Months

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