Thursday, January 7, 2016

52 : 44 (part 4)

This picture was technically taken last week, but since Ewan keeps on talking about it I have decided that it is worth commemorating in this week's post. Ewan has been pretty Star Wars addicted since his Daddy showed him all 6 films when Mama was away on a long business trip last Spring. His favorite character is by far Darth Vader and he is pretty amazing at identifying many of the characters. One of our favorite Star Wars memories of late was when he started singing, "you're a mean one Boba Fett" to the tune of the Grinch song. Shockingly I think this memory was usurped by a conversation we had while enjoying Episode 7. Part way in to the movie I turned to Kevin and said, "is that an AT-AT?" To which Ewan piped in with an exacerbated (due to my ignorance) "Yes, it is Mama!"

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