Thursday, March 26, 2015

Darby 48/52

Dear Darby,

It may seem weird that I am writing you an 11-month letter. Seems like an odd number even to me, but I am writing this because I feel like I lost my baby this last month, and my last baby at that. 

All of a sudden in your 11th month you decided you mean business. You got your 8th tooth and became a real girl! You clap, you wave, you dance, and you walk! At 10.5 months you started taking a few steps and then this past weekend it all clicked - you are walking twenty steps at a time, meticulously keeping your balance, and going from sitting to standing without support from anything. You can't quite keep up with your brother but you are trying. 

You sleep like a champion and eat like a maniac, probably because of all the moving you are doing. If you want what we are eating you wil squeal in our face until we quickly give you a bit to quiet you down. Your cutest habit these days is grunting, and if we grunt at you your response is a huge smile with a huge grunt to match. 

You still give your smiles away for free and the staff at your school are genuinely sad when they don't get to spend any time with you. We miss you all day and love to play with you at night and to see your smiles in the morning. Please do your best to slow this next month down, mama needs this one. 


Darby Moira - 11 Months

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