Sunday, March 8, 2015

A letter to my son on this the day of his third birthday...

Love Bug -

How are you 3 already?! It seems like just yesterday I was trying to get your big blobby baby body in to all those little tiny clothes and now you are a 5 year-old sized 3 year-old! Time has gone so fast, you have grown so much, and we are completely enamored with you!

In the last couple of months you have started to ask us why we love you when we tell you we do, and my answer is always the same, "because you are smart, and cute, and kind!" I think these three words describe you the best and when I say them you ask what they each mean. Smart to us means you want to learn and do so rapidly, you have a never ending curiosity and ask question after question and seem to remember answer after answer. Kind to us means that you worry about others and always want everyone to be happy, which you tell us often, "I happy, want you be happy," this quote especially comes out when you are being bad. And last but not least, you are cute, that awesome blond mop, those big blue eyes, and that killer grin make us crazy, and we often look at each other and wonder out loud how we made someone that is just so damn awesome.

This year you became a big brother and you handled it like a champ. Your sister is your best friend and she is finally starting to be fun for you. No one can make Darby laugh like you and watching you hold her hand and walk her places, and dance with her in the hallway, makes me so glad that the two of you have each other. The sweetness of your heart and your never ending empathy is so apparent when you are being a big brother.

Your favorite foods these days are pizza, quesadillas, and cheesy noodles. Your favorite drink is apple juice, luckily you do not notice how much we water it down when you get it with your dinner. Your favorite treat is anything chocolate, specifically chocolate rolos. You love pajamas and have become opinionated about what you wear so each night we discuss options for the next day and you select your attire. You wear underwear every day now, which completely freaks me out, because I worry about accidents and how darn big you are. Your most used phrases are, "we watch something now", "what treat", "I-dunno know", "why", and "where you taking us". You sing along to a lot of songs now and I think that your favorite is "5 bottles of juice on the wall". Your favorite show vacillates between Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Penguins of Madagascar. Your favorite movie is definitely The Incredibles, with Big Hero 6 as runner up. We love watching your preferences change and like that you can now express them. 

Every year you are more fun, Ewan. We are looking forward to an amazing fourth year and all of the adventures, learning, and love it will bring our family.

Love you so big!

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