Thursday, January 29, 2015

Darby 40/52

Oh Baby Lady,

This week you have officially been in the real world longer than you were in my belly. 9 months have passed since you joined us and I truly can't imagine the world without you! 

I sometimes worry you are your brother's best accessory as his activities and desires rule our days a bit more than yours, but you seem 100% ok with it. And, truth be told, I think you are in the process of planning your revolt. When he is being a little too rough, or taking your toys, or not sharing his snacks you tell him so with very loud screeches and face grabs. He loves you so emphatically it sometimes seems like he might suffocate you and now you tell him so, but you also watch with bright concerned eyes anytime he leaves a room and laugh hysterically at all of his jokes even though you can't possibly understand them, can you?

You are as easy going as ever, I have no idea how we got so lucky! Your Grampy came to visit this last weekend and multiple times he said, "is this how she always is? She is so good." The simple answer is yes, and in reality you were grumpy about the shot you got an hour before he arrived, so his mind would be even more blown on our average day. 

Your pediatrician continues to be amazed by you, you are sweet and strong. This visit you weighed in at 20lbs 15.3ozs (88%) and measured 28 inches (66%)... I am still a little worried by how short you are, but he assured me all looked good. Although I am considering having him pull my height curve to compare. 

Short or not you are ours and we simply adore every smile, every roll, and all things Darby Moira!


Darby Moira - 9 Months

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