Thursday, October 30, 2014

Darby 27/52

Oh Peanut,

How have 6 months passed? I was looking at your monthly pictures with your Daddy today and we were both amazed at how much you have grown, and how different you look from your 5th month, this last month was a big one for you. You measure 26.75in (81%) and weigh 19lbs 5.4ozs (93%), which is truly impressive. Your pediatrician says you are awesome and your skills are well beyond your age. 

You impress us everyday with your enviable disposition, your sweet full-body smiles, and your amazingly firm grip (on our clothes, our hair, our cups, our nostrils - you name it). You have two bottom teeth (but your top two are blistering as I type this), you sit like such a big girl, crawl in circles at a truly dizzying rate, are eating fruits/veggies/puffs/yogurt, and are a wicked flirt. 

You make everyday better for everyone lucky enough to spend time with you. There is no one in this world like you baby girl and we thank our lucky stars multiple times a day that you are ours. 

Keep up the great growing, the sweet smiles, and the conquering of every milestone little love. 

Sweet Snuggles, 

Darby Moira - 6 Months

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