Thursday, October 9, 2014

52 : 31 (part 3)

31 months, aka 2 years 7 months, is so sweet and utterly infuriating at moments. Ewan catches us off guard by randomly telling us about porcupines, singing the entire alphabet song by himself at the dinner table when we didn't know he knew it (he calls it the A B C Ds song), drawing things that actually now look like those things, and telling jokes he then laughs at hysterically (such as yelling "wake up" if you close your eyes and pretend to sleep)! The demands of this boy are probably pretty similar to 6 months ago, but now he tells it like it is.

"Ewan it is time for bed." "Soon," says Ewan. 

"Ewan time to get out of the bath." "5 more minutes," is said with 5 little fingers held up to your face. 

"Darby is playing with the dinosaur Ewan." To which he responds "no, Baby Little dinosaur, Ewan dinosaur," one he hasn't touched in a year keep in mind.

After refusing a slice of apple, "oh Ewan, if you don't want your apple can we give it to Darby?" "No, it's me apple, Ewan need apple." But lo and behold he did eat the apple so maybe this is the trick to getting finicky preschoolers to eat something besides yogurt. 

Of course in the midst of all this preschooler madness Ewan will still sweetly walk up to his mama and grab her cheeks for a big kiss, run and kiss sissy's arms before he heads off to play, and look up at his dad with those brilliant blue eyes and beg to race cars. He is a truly great, sensitive, compassionate boy that loves art, music, and friends - AND he is sometimes simply possessed by his longing to be independent. For us this is 2!

EP - 2 Years 7 Months

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