Thursday, June 5, 2014

Darby 6/52

It seems like everyday Darby has a first, she either does something new or has a new adventure. We keep track of as many as we can on her 1st year calendar and here of course. This last weekend we took Darby to one of our favorite places, Monterey. We went to Monterey for our first mini-break in 2004 (we actually got a membership that we have maintained since on that trip), took Ewan there for his first weekend away (K's first Father's Day), went there when I was full term pregnant with Darby for our last trip as three, and we could not wait to get Darby there. While we were there Darby saw the ocean for the first time and enjoyed the aquarium... lets be honest, she slept through basically the entire trip, but we did get her a pink seahorse to commemorate the occasion. We have named the seahorse June as we took this trip on June 1, Ewan insisted on horsey but we out-voted him! 

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