Thursday, June 12, 2014

52 : 14 (part 3)

Another month and more love for this sweet boy, who weights 38.4 lbs and measures 38.25 inches as a 2 1/4 year old. 

Ewan is currently infatuated with animals --- in real life, in books, on tv, he doesn't care. Given this we are frequently asked to sing the animal song, aka "Old MacDonald Had a Farm". Ewan likes to throw in random animals like bees, who buzz buzz here and buzz buzz there, here a buzz there a buzz everywhere a buzz buzz. He also requests Ewan who he claims says a no no here and a no no there, and Darby who says a wah wah here and a wah wah there with a cute crying hand gesture to boot. But the best of all was when he asked for Daddy, and when we asked what Daddy said, Ewan exclaimed love you with a hug gesture --- so on Old MacDonald's farm he has a Daddy with a love you here and a love you there, here a love you there a love you everywhere a love you love you. 

EP @ 27 Months

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